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AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps based on Javascript

Angular JS Training in Chennai

Angular JS is an Open Source JavaScript framework used for front-end web application.The Angular JS helps to manage the complexity of client-side JavaScript code. It will extend HTML with additional attributes and makes it more responsive. The Angular JS Training equips you well to develop responsive pages. The Angular JS  supports both  MVC and MVVM architecture. We are proud to say that Hope Tutors is a top notch Angular JS Training in Chennai. This course is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of Angular JS. Our in-house Angular JS trainer is having trained and placed 100’s of professionals. Our Angular Training course is 100% real-time with assured placement.

Angular JS Online Training in Chennai

Industry standard online training from MNC professionals with assured interactiveness. Our Angular JS Online Training is organised with GOTO Meeting online software, brings most interactions which will be recorded and delivered as video materials. Organised and well planned sessions which is available with free of cost demo sessions.

What you can learn from Angular JS :

  • Understand how to design  single-page applications
  • Understanding the separation of model, view, and controller of an application and make them using AngularJS
  • In depth knowledge of Angular JS expressions, filters, and scopes
  • Learn to build Angular forms
  • Learn to write AngularJS directives
  • Understand how to unit test your AngularJS applications

Who should attend?

  • Freshers with interest in learning web designing technologies
  • Working professionals
  • Developers in any technology

Job Opportunity

  • Excellent Job Opportunity for freshers with Angular JS skill in IT industry
  • Numerous openings for web designing professionals with high pay across industries

Angular 2.0 Course Certification

  • We will provide you Angular JS course certification under the name of Hope Tutors.

Hope Tutors is well equipped with latest infrastructure and experienced trainers to provide Online Angular JS Training. Contact us today to know more about our Angular JavaScript Training and schedule a free demo class.

Course Curriculum

• Background of AngularJS 00:00:00
• Advantage of AngularJS 00:00:00
• MVC Architecture 00:00:00
• AngularJS Vs Other libraries and frameworks 00:00:00
• Working with Library Files 00:00:00
• Bootstrapping the Web Apps 00:00:00
• Expanding HTML DOM 00:00:00
• Modeling Controllers 00:00:00
• Comprehension of $scope 00:00:00
• Linking $scope with Controller 00:00:00
• Examine Controller properties 00:00:00
• Examine Controller methods 00:00:00
• Study of Directives and Services 00:00:00
• Comprehension of One way Data Binding 00:00:00
• Comprehension of Two way Data Binding 00:00:00
• Linking Directives to the HTML 00:00:00
• Applying AngularJs expressions in HTML 00:00:00
• Restate the data using ng-repeat 00:00:00
• Study of Filters 00:00:00
• Implementing Filters in results 00:00:00
• Linking forms and their elements with Controller 00:00:00
• Attaching Form Elements to the Controller 00:00:00
• Sort of AngularJS form Expressions 00:00:00
• Examine types of Form Validations 00:00:00
• Designing with Angular CSS classes 00:00:00
• Study of Dependency Injection and Annotation 00:00:00
• Study of Module 00:00:00
• Study of the Following Directives 00:00:00
• Routing 00:00:00
• Services 00:00:00
• Factory 00:00:00
• Providers 00:00:00
• Constants and Values 00:00:00
• Making Custom Directives, Filters, Services, Providers and Factories 00:00:00
• Splitting templates into multiple views 00:00:00
• Applying Route Provider 00:00:00
• Linking ng-view in templates 00:00:00
• Plotting URLs to the templates 00:00:00
• Examine CURD operations with $http service 00:00:00
• Checklist of $http methods 00:00:00
• Transmitting/Receiving JSON data to/from the Web Service 00:00:00
• Changing JSON data into JavaScript Objects 00:00:00
• JSON Properties 00:00:00
• JSON Methods 00:00:00
• angular.copy 00:00:00
• angular.equals 00:00:00
• angular.fromJson 00:00:00
• angular.toJson and more 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Good Training institute

    My trainer is Elango.Giving excellent training for Angular JS.He is giving as practically.Friendly person with lot of stuff.

  2. i learned lot of new concepts from my trainer. really a useful training.I am coming from guindy , reachable distance near to bus stop.

  3. Best Angulr JS itraining

    I am a fresher, i have basic knowledge in HTML ,CSS. during the training my trainer learnt me Angular JS. Atlast i developed one project.

  4. Real time Angular js training

    The environment of hope tutors is very trainer elango having 4 yrs exp in his feild but having wide knowledge in latest techonologies.he is very friendly while taking classes and clarifying doubts.very thanks to him for this wonderful training.

  5. For the training, hope tutors provide laptops and free wifi for us.They also help me to remodel my resume and give me tips while am attending the interviews.

  6. I have attended Angular js Training.It is good to have practical training.I have devleoped some project in training.Thanks Hope Tutors

  7. Best Angular JS Training

    Having left the job with work experience in Web Designing technologies and not much into front-end development i was clueless with the companies asking for Angularjs for UI developers. Then i joined Hope Tutors for Angular js training, Elango was the trainer assigned to me, he has extensive real time experience in both desgning and development. He taught things from basics to in-dept stuffs about angular. I was assigned basic level tasks at the end of each session and also a final project to finish my course which helped me in getting a job now.. I would highly recommend to take any course offered by them as they are taught by professionals who work for MNCs.

  8. Best for Angular JS

    Basically I am a Java developer; I want to learn Angular JS. So I attended demo in Hope Tutors and joined here. I am very much satisfied with their real time Angular JS training. The syllabus is framed like basic to advance level. Now I have much confidence in Angular JS concepts. Thank You.

  9. Good Institute

    Hi, I am Manu; I completed Angular JS training in Hope Tutors. I really like the way of teaching. They framed the good syllabus, which is used to clear the certification. Best institute for Angular JS training.

  10. Angular JS

    Hi, this is Sharmila, I have completed my Angular JS training in Hope Tutors. My trainer is good, he have more knowledge in Angular JS. He is a web designer, he help me to attend interviews. Now I placed in one good company. Thanks to my trainer and Hope Tutors.

  11. Angular JS Training

    This is Mathu, Angular JS training is excellent. No complaints. Good Institute for learn Angular JS.

  12. Good Angular JS Training

    Hi all, I am Rama, My mode of training is online. I completed Angular JS training in Hope Tutors. Timings are flexible. They scheduled each and every sessions perfectly. I got thorough knowledge in Angular JS. Best institute to learn Angular JS.

  13. Try at Hope tutors

    The course content is really good. It really helped to get the concept understanding. The faculty has taken all the topics very nicely and explained the points….

  14. Value for your money

    The teaching provided to me by faculties was one of the best one.

    They provided real time examples and each and every concept were cleared. Assignments were provided during lab sessions and also there were doubt solving sessions.

    It was a good experience.

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