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Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification helps you to empower organisations migrate to the cloud. Hope Tutors provide MCSE Training in Chennai along with assistance for Microsoft Certification. Our MCSE training is cost effective and placement assured.

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Course Curriculum

Installing windows server 2012
Deploy and Manage Windows Server 2012. 00:00:00
Describe Active Directory® Domain Services (AD DS). 00:00:00
Manage Active Directory objects. 00:00:00
Automate AD DS Administration. 00:00:00
Implement IPv4. 00:00:00
Implement Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). 00:00:00
Implement Domain Name System (DNS). 00:00:00
Implement IPv6. 00:00:00
Implement local storage. 00:00:00
Implement file and print services. 00:00:00
Implement Group Policy. 00:00:00
Secure Windows servers by using Group Policy Objects (GPOs). 00:00:00
Implement Server Virtualization with Hyper-V. 00:00:00
Administering Windows Server 2012
Configuring & Troubleshooting DNS 00:00:00
Maintaining ADDS 00:00:00
Managing Users & Service Accounts 00:00:00
Implementing a Group Policy Infrastructure 00:00:00
Managing User Desktops with Group Policy 00:00:00
Installing,Configuring and troubleshooting the NPS role 00:00:00
Implementing NAP 00:00:00
Implementing Remote Accesss 00:00:00
Optimizind file services 00:00:00
Configuration Encryption & Advanced Auditing 00:00:00
Deploying and Maintaining Server images 00:00:00
Implementing update management 00:00:00
Monitoring Windows Server 2012 00:00:00
Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Implementing Advance Network Services 00:00:00
Implementing Advance File Services 00:00:00
Implementing DAC 00:00:00
Implementing Distributed ADDS 00:00:00
Implementing ADS Site and replication 00:00:00
Implementing ADCS 00:00:00
Implementing ADRMS 00:00:00
Implementing ADFS 00:00:00
Implementing NLB 00:00:00
Implementing Failover Clustering 00:00:00
Implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 00:00:00
Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
Planning & Implementing server upgrade and migration 00:00:00
Planning & implementing server deployment strategy 00:00:00
Planning & implementing servers using virtual machine manager 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing ip configuration and address management solution 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing name resolution 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing ADDS forest and domain infrastructure 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing ADDS OU infrastructure 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing Group Policy Object Strategy 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing ADDS Physical Topology 00:00:00
Planning & implementing storage and file services 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing network protection 00:00:00
Designing & Implementing remote access services 00:00:00
Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure
Overview of Management in an enterprise data center 00:00:00
Planning & implementing a server virtualization strategy 00:00:00
Planning & Implementing networks and storage for virtualization 00:00:00
Planning & deploying virtual machines 00:00:00
Planning & implementing virtualization administration solutionPlanning & implementing a server monitoring strategy 00:00:00
Planning & Implementing HA for file services and applications 00:00:00
Planning & Implementing HA infrastructure using failover clustering 00:00:00
Planning & implementing a business continuity strategy 00:00:00
Planning & Implementing and public key infrastructure 00:00:00
Planning & implementing an identity federation infrastructure 00:00:00
Planning & implementing data access for users and devices 00:00:00
Planning & implementing information rights management infrastructure 00:00:00

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  1. Real - Time Training Institute

    Ajay is my trainer in Hope Tutors for MCSE certification training. He has a wide knowledge in networking and certification concepts. I learned a lot of new concepts during training. Now i complete my certification and got placed in a MNC. Thanks.

  2. practical oriented Training

    I done my training in Hope tutors last 1 month. The way of training is fully practical oriented . Over all good experience.

  3. good training

    perfect training center for MCSE fully practical orientated training trainer had 8 years of experience in IT
    nice training, classes were interactive thanks to hope tutors.

  4. good institute for MCSE

    I had done MCSE in hope tutors explanation was very good and more knowledgeable
    trainer was great and well experienced practical session were great.Right place for learn MCSE thanks to Hope toturs.

  5. trainer was good

    Excellent Training institute. Hope Tutors having excellent syllabus in hand which will provide depth knowledge in networking
    thanks to hope tutors.

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    I have studied dotnet in Hope Tutors.Here excellent training provided by trainers.My trainer name is Dhandapani. He is kind in nature and explain the concepts with real manner. Interactive session and practically explained here.
  • Microsoft SQL Server

    Excellent Institute 4

    Excellent Training institute.Trainer name is Deepan who is having more than 8 years of experience in IT industry.Hope Tutors having excellent syllabus in hand which will provide depth knowledge in SQL server.
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