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Hope Tutors provide Real Time MERN Stack Training (MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS) with experienced trainers. We assure your career growth as a Full Stack Developer in the IT Industry. Hope Tutors provide placement assurance and training till placement. Learn Database + Front end + UI development and fast track your career.

Topics Covered in MERN Stack Developer Training

Who should study MERN Stack

  • Developers
  • Freshers
  • Web designers
  • Node js developers
  • Angular developers

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Course Curriculum

What is new in ES6
What is Classes 00:00:00
About let and const 00:00:00
What is Arrow functions and Enhanced Object Literals 00:00:00
About Destructuring and Spread Operator 00:00:00
Define Generators and Iterators 00:00:00
Symbols and Comprehensions 00:00:00
Async Programming 00:00:00
How to use Babel.js
Why use React.js 00:00:00
Virtual DOM Benefits 00:00:00
JSX: View Components
Syntax of JSX 00:00:00
How to create view classes using JSX 00:00:00
How to generating views without using JSX 00:00:00
Precompilation of JSX 00:00:00
How to utilizing JSX in the server 00:00:00
Immutability benefits 00:00:00
Utilizing Immutable.js 00:00:00
Life-Cycle : Componenet 00:00:00
About Virtual DOM 00:00:00
Events : Component 00:00:00
How to using States and Properties 00:00:00
How to Initializing States from properties 00:00:00
Using refs : Accessing DOM nodes 00:00:00
About Synthetic Events 00:00:00
Compositions : Component 00:00:00
About Communication Between Components 00:00:00
About Reusable Components 00:00:00
Controlled and Uncontrolled Components 00:00:00
Principle of One-Way Data Binding 00:00:00
Principle of Two-Way Data Binding 00:00:00
Manipulation of Node.js and Server DOM
React.js Components : Unit Testing
About Miscellaneous
About Animations 00:00:00
Helpers : DataBinding 00:00:00
Helpers : Immutability 00:00:00
Helpers : Performance 00:00:00
Intoduction of Reactive programming 00:00:00
Uni directional data flow Advantages 00:00:00
Brief about Architecture
How to Building blocks in Flux 00:00:00
Define Dispatcher and Stores 00:00:00
Action and Views 00:00:00
About Dispatcher
Principle of dispatcher 00:00:00
How to Registering callbacks 00:00:00
About Triggering Actions 00:00:00
Role of Store 00:00:00
How to Maintain Application State 00:00:00
Define Event Broadcasting 00:00:00
Brief about Reducer
Generating Reducers 00:00:00
About Retrieving State and Combining Reducers 00:00:00
Action Creator
Generating Actions 00:00:00
How to Dispatching actions to the dispatcher 00:00:00
How to Dispatching Async Actions 00:00:00
Utilizing Middlewares 00:00:00
About Views
About React Components as Views 00:00:00
Define State Subscribers 00:00:00
How to Updating data from the store 00:00:00
React-Redux Bindings
Using “Connect” : Binding Components to React Store 00:00:00
Using Provider : Injecting Redux Store 00:00:00
Utilizing Providers with React Routers 00:00:00
About Server Side Rendering
Brief about Testing
Using Mocha & Chai : Organizing Test Code 00:00:00
Utilizing Test for mocking dependencies 00:00:00
About Testing Stores 00:00:00
Introduction of Module Bundling 00:00:00
Define Installation 00:00:00
How to generating Webpack configuration 00:00:00
About Setting up webpack-dev-server 00:00:00
Define Configure automatic browser refresh 00:00:00
About Loading Modules 00:00:00
Optimizing rebundling of react components 00:00:00
Utilizing Less/Sass loaders 00:00:00
About Hot loading components 00:00:00
Node JS
Introduction 00:00:00
Environment Setup 00:00:00
Node Package Manager 00:00:00
Streams and Buffers 00:00:00
Callbacks 00:00:00
File System 00:00:00
Creating a node js server using Net module 00:00:00
Creating a node js server using http module 00:00:00
Node js Event Loop 00:00:00
Introduction to Express Framework 00:00:00
Middlewares 00:00:00
Express Routing 00:00:00
Creating a server using Express 00:00:00
Writing and exposing First API using Express 00:00:00
Connecting Node.js to Database (MySql / Mongo) 00:00:00
Mongoose/MySql Module 00:00:00
Creating Rest APIs in Express 00:00:00 00:00:00
Build a REST server using Sails.js and Mongodb 00:00:00

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  1. Mern stack training

    I did Mern stack training in Hope tutors.Flexible timing and Management, trainers also good.Trainers are well experienced…

  2. Best Mern stack training

    I have completed my Mern stack Course in Velachery and i would like to thank our Trainer Elango for helping me out.. good place to learn Mern as well as the class will be driven only through practicals.

  3. Best Front end training

    I have completed the front end development course at Hope tutors….They are doing great…
    Thanks a lot guys……

  4. Review on Mern Stack

    Really Good Training center for freshers to learn Front end development.

    Fees is too low and surely they will help us to get job.

    Thanks to My Trainer and whole Team.

  5. Good Mern training

    The class as promised went on as per the schedule and everything was clearly explained practically inside the class once the theory is over. Each day or class specific topic is concentrated and it is explained both theoretically and practically. The practical sessions gave better view on the things that were explained theoretically. Our guide was Mr. Elango, He was very much interested in making us gain knowledge practically. Now at the end of a month of happy Mern hours, I am very much confident over the concepts both in Frond end and Back end Administration and Teaching were too good. Proud that I selected Hope tutors..

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