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Openstack is an virtual machines and handle different tasks for managing a cloud environment. The cloud is providing a remote environment computing service on reliable and scalable servers for end users, Openstack provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) makes users to quickly add and  by Nature Openstack consist of different moving parts which helps to add additional components to help fulfill users needs. Openstack Cloud technology Components  are Keystone (authentication system),Nova (Compute Service), Cinder (Block service), Glance (Image Service), Neutron (Neutron Service), Horizon (Dashboard service), Heat (Orchestration service), Ceilometer (Billing service), Trove (Database as a service), Swift (Object Storage)We are proud to say that Hope Tutors is a top notch Openstack Training center in Chennai. This course is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of Openstack. Our in-house Openstack Training trainer is having trained and placed 100s’ of professionals. Our Openstack Training course is 100% real-time with assured placement.

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Online training has become an easy mode to learn by sitting in your location. Hope Tutors is well equipped with Trainers and Technology to provide best online Openstack training to you. We assure that you master in Openstack with our training.

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  • IT Professionals
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Analytics Managers
  • Enterprise Business Intelligent

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Professionals and Students with good Openstack knowledge are on high demand in many leading IT companies. Whether you want to fast-track your career with a high salary or looking for a job abroad, learning Openstack is an ideal choice.

Openstack Course Certification

  • We will provide you Openstack course certification under the name of Hope Tutors.


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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Cloud and Openstack
virtualization 00:00:00
Relationship Virtualization & cloud 00:00:00
Cloud and cloud models 00:00:00
Introduction to Openstack 00:00:00
Keystone (Openstack authentication system)
Openstack Identity 00:00:00
Users and Credentials 00:00:00
Tokens and Token Validation – API 00:00:00
Identity Management 00:00:00
Role Based Access Control (RBAC) 00:00:00
Service Catalog 00:00:00
Internal Architecture of Keystone 00:00:00
Nova (Openstack Compute Service)
Openstack Compute Service Architecture 00:00:00
Nova internals Setting up the Nova node 00:00:00
KVM based Architecture 00:00:00
Nova-Network usage 00:00:00
Cinder (Openstack Block Service)
Installation of Cinder 00:00:00
Cinder Internals and Cinder backend 00:00:00
Industry implementations 00:00:00
Managetroubleshoot Cinder 00:00:00
Glance (Openstack Image Service)
Installation of Glance 00:00:00
Glance internals 00:00:00
Openstack Glance Architecture 00:00:00
Best practices on Glance store backend 00:00:00
Image uploads and downloads 00:00:00
Neutron (Openstack Neutron Service)
ML2 and ML3 plugins 00:00:00
Installation of Neutron 00:00:00
Network creation, Bridging and Router creation 00:00:00
Core Neutron plugins and network configuration 00:00:00
Horizon (Openstack Dashboard Service)
Introduction to Horizon 00:00:00
Installation of Horizon 00:00:00
Django and GUI walkthrough 00:00:00
Heat (Openstack Orchestration Service)
Installation of Heat service 00:00:00
Write Heat templates 00:00:00
Integrate heat templates to automate instance launches 00:00:00
Ceilometer (Openstack Billing Service)
Data polling 00:00:00
Retrieval and setting up alarms Installation of Ceilometer 00:00:00
Trove (Openstack Database as a service)
Architecture of Trove 00:00:00
Installation of Trove 00:00:00
Launching database from CLI or the dashboard 00:00:00
Swift (Openstack’s Object Storage)
Installation of Swift 00:00:00
Swift rings 00:00:00
Image locations 00:00:00
Component based uploads 00:00:00
Replication 00:00:00
Integrate Swift with Glance to use as an image store 00:00:00
Installation and troubleshooting
Environment Setup 00:00:00
Building a controller node 00:00:00
Building a network node 00:00:00
Building a compute node 00:00:00

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