How we can Prepare for the Blue Prisms Professional Developers Certification?

Nowadays we can able to see the growth of RPA is rapid. Most of the companies are using this RPA. They are using this RPA because it brings very drastic changes to the business process as well as service. The demand for the RPA is keep on increasing day by day. 

One of the RPA tool which is in most demand is Blue Prism. Are you interested to start your career in RPA? Then this is the right time. In this article we are going to see about the preparation guide for the Blue Prisms professional developers’ certificate. Are you having real interest? Then it’s not at all a matter. Just you need some dedication as well as confidence to face this exam.

Blue Prisms Developers as well as Blue Prisms Professional developers:

Are you confused while hearing this? No worry both are different exams. First one is Blue prisms developers. The exam code for this exam is AD01. Second one is Blue Prisms Professional Developers. The exam code for this is APD01. This APD01 is advanced level. But before we attend this exam, we need to get clear of AD01. You should get clear in this AD01 exam at least 6months before attending the APD01. There should be minimum of 6 months gap before re attending both the exams. This is in case of failure.

Why should we want to take APD01 instead of stopping with AD01?

Already we have seen that APD01 is the advanced level of AD01. We need to upgrade our certificate from general to add more values in our career. The impact will straightaway reflect in our salary. Let’s see this with an example. Now we consider your salary as 70k per annum. If you have APD certificate? Then your salary will get rise minimum of 90k to maximum of 120k per annum. From this itself, we can able to get the need of professional developers’ certificate.

Information about the Blue Prisms Professional Developer Exam:

The code for this exam is APD01. IN the exam we can able to see there are 50 questions. Each question will carry equal mark. Totally we are provided with 60mins of time. There is a pool of questions. The questions which we attend are selected randomly from the pool for us. 

In case if the candidate who is attending this exam, is from the country of non-English speaking? Then they are provided with extra 30mins to complete this exam. To get pass in this exam, we need to get minimum of 70%. In case if we get 80% then we are considered as we have passed with merit. In case if we get 90% then we are considered as we have passed with distinction. The fees for this exam are only just $65.

Modules which we need to concentrate during the preparation for this exam:

Do you want to become a very dedicated Blue Prisms Professional Developer? Then you need to understand all the concepts which are given below. You can access these topics from the Blue prism’s portal. There we want to go to learning. Then go to Guide section. 

  • Surface automation for the terminal emulators.
  • Guide for the Java Automation.
  • Guide for the Browser Automation.
  • Best practices for the developers.
  • Exception handling method.
  • Implementing the spy tool of Mainframe.
  • Guide for the work Queues.
  • Guide for the Mainframe automation.

But, concentrating only on these topics will not be enough. You need to concentrate more on data sheets which are related to the blue prism. These guides are really useful for you for attending the exam. These data sheets are also available in the portal of the 

blue prism. Following are few data sheets which are available in the portal. They are,

  • Login Agent – user guide.
  • Web services – user guide.
  • Credential Manager- Data sheet.

Secure Window Authentication – Data sheet.

Also, there are 2 self-learning courses are there which are available in guide section. Knowledge in these sections will also helpful to you for clearing the exam. They are,

  • Surface Automation Introduction.
  • Surface Automation.

Preparation tips for the exam of the professional developers:

It is not at all easy to prepare for this exam. So, we wish to provide you some simple steps which is very helpful for you to get your certificate. Just you need to follow these steps. Also, choosing right materials will helpful for you.

  1. Free account registration in the poral of Blue Prism:

This step is very simple. All we need to do is we have to go to Then you need to create the free account by giving valid details. Once we completed this process, we are straightaway taken to the homepage. There we want to select learning tab and then select Accreditation. There we can able to see a list with blue prisms developer exams.

  1. Selecting Blue prisms accreditation ->> the professional Developer:

When we select this, we can able to see the PDF page. This page contains all the study materials for the exam. Also, this page contains the following details. They are,

Details about the exam.

Exam scope.

Modules to be covered.

Eligible criteria.

  1. Documents of the Blue Prism:

For more information about the exam, we need to go to the guide in learning. Here all the materials for this exam are in PDF form. Also, there are guides for the exams.

  1. LMS of the Blue Prism:

If the study materials which are available at the portal are not enough? Then we can able to opt for official LMS which are available in learning tab. This page consists of surveys as well as test for our support.

  1. Official forum of the Blue Prism:

There is good news for you. Additional training options are best options for you. Official forum is such kind of options. Here we can able to find many queries regarding the exams. This will be very useful for you to prepare for your exam.

  1. Must try the free test as well as Practice test:

Attending many test practices will play a vital role in getting clear in the professional exam. There are lot of free test available on the online. Attending this will be very helpful to you.

  1. Exam registration:

The official exam partner for this exam is Person VUE. For registration of the exam we need to go to official portal of Persons VUE. The link for this is available in the portal for the official Blue Prism. When we click on this, it will straightaway take to the Persons VUE. In that page, we want to create an account just by providing valid details. 

After creating the account, the catalogs for the exams are displayed on the page. It contains all the certified exam list of the blue prism. For getting the link to APD01 exam we need to pass AD01 at least before 6 months.

After getting the link, just we need to click on it. In the next page, we can find options for selecting the language. After choosing the preferred language, you need to select your preferred locations.

All the available exam centers which are located near you will be displayed. Now we want to choose maximum of three locations. In the next page we will able to see the appointment availability for these three locations. Then we need to select the date as well as time for the corresponding center as per our convenience. Finally, we need to pay our exam fees using our credit or debit cards. At the end you will get an exam schedule.


It is very easy for you to get pass in the Blue Prisms Professional Developers exam.  The only thing you need to follow is our preparation guide. Also, the materials which are available in the portal of the blue prism. These two things will be very useful for you to get cleared in the exam. All you want to do is use your time correctly by putting little effort to achieve the goal.

February 4, 2020
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