What are the Roles & Responsibilities of the Blue Prism Developer?

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of the Blue Prism Developer?

Experts are saying that RPA will be future of the automation. Blue prism is one of the RPA platforms. It plays a vital role in capability of the software for AI and ML. This is for automating the process just by synthesizing the data. This is possible by eliminating the repeated tasks. These tasks are very high in the volume. Cutting-edge technology in the RPA just like blue prism provides high scope for the blue prism developers.

Are you eager to know about the roles & responsibilities of the blue prism developer? Then this article is specially for you. Here we are going to see about the following. They are,

  1. A short intro about blue prism.
  2. Roles & responsibilities of the blue prism developers.
  3. Roles of the developer who have experience less than 3years.
  4. Roles of the senior developers.
  5. Average salary for the blue prism developer.

Let’s see all the topics in detail in the upcoming sections.

A short intro about blue prism:

As we have already known that blue prism plays a vital role nowadays. It changes the primary solutions for the admin works. RPA is the technology behind the blue prism. This helps in creating the agile workforce for the industries as well as businesses. This can be said as the complementary solutions of the IT. Especially for the traditional solutions of the business just like BPM & front office tools. These are associate with the productivity of the business.

It is truly 100% automated robotic solutions. There are no interventions of humans.It implements the following. They are,

  • Business rules as well as logic.
  • Decision making is continuous.
  • Bulk processing.

As we know it is totally different from other solutions. In the solution which is traditionally used by the businesses we can’t able to get the performance scale up. This is exactly with the needs of the business. In blue prism we can get such a scale up. This will definitely help the businesses to improve their performance.

Roles & responsibilities of the blue prism developers:

The main role of the developers is for creating the robots on the platform of the blue prism. They will mainly develop this process via coding. Developed process should follow some rules which makes the full process. Especially without the intervention of the humans. We cannot restrict the developers only to code. Their role will vary based on their experience, requirements of the projects and more.

In the below section we are going to see the roles & responsibilities based on their experience.

Roles of the developer who have experience less than 3years:

Now in this section we are going to see the roles & responsibilities of the developers. Especially for the beginners & mid-level developers. Generally, they have experience less than 3 years.

  • Must have experience on the development of the blue prism.
  • Must take part in the designing solutions based on the business needs.
  • Must understand the needs of the business with more technical details.
  • Feasibility studies as well as identify the gaps.
  • In case of issues need the capability of troubleshoot for finding root cause.
  • Analyzing the needs of the business. In order to develop the functional & non-functional needs of the system.
  • Must involve in verification of the QA. In order to support QA team.
  • Must follow the adherence of the code just like design, commit, nomenclature & security.
  • Ability for delivering in the estimated time.
  • Must take part in the process of peer review of codes to the design.
  • Must follow the practice of the coding, reviewing as well as releasing.
  • Must have the ability to resolve the bugs quickly.
  • Need to update timely to the senior technical members regarding the bugs.
  • Need to be up to date with the latest technologies of RPA.
  • Must have to provide the positive approach for enhancing the project.
  • Must have feasible analyses for the solution of proposed automation.
  • Need to work with operation team. Especially during UAT & roll-out.
  • Need to fix the bugs during the UAT & SIT.
  • Need to perform the admin jobs in the live environment of Blue prism.

Roles of the senior developers:

We can’t able to restrict the roles of the senior developers. It spreads widely. They have to follow all the above-mentioned roles. Along with that, they need to follow the below mentioned roles in addition. They are,

  • Need to work with the BMP team. This is for delivering the code based on the needs of the business.
  • Implement the workflow of the BMP. Also, need to follow the practices of BMP.
  • Need to take part in the integration process of the BMP. This is along with the existing service as well as apps.
  • Need to perform the DB modeling with the intermediate DB turning.
  • Need to perform the optimization of the code. 
  • Need to identify the potential bugs as well as defects.
  • Need to perform the effort estimation of each line based on BRD.
  • Must analyze the gap via the BRD review & need to highlight same in the BRD.
  • Must create the WBS which are aligned with the BRD & HLD.
  • Need to verify WBS using the test cases for confirming the missing items.
  • Need to work with DB design with the normalization.
  • Need to participate in deploying programs. This is just by creating the reusable diagram of modules & solution package.
  • Must help in conducting UAT & SIT. This should be along with the report of the result.
  • Need to help in maintaining the changes in the control process & quality.
  • Need to work with the leads in the project for the improvement of the project.
  • Need to analyze both technical & non-technical feasibility of the new process. This process is automated.
  • Need to document the specific automation design solution.
  • Need to develop the new solutions of RPA.
  • Need to identify the needs of the technical infrastructure for the blue prism.
  • Need to work in the test procedure as well as scenarios. Especially for phases of pre-UAT.
  • Need to implement the needed changes in order to support the changes of the control process structure.
  • Monitor & work in the bugs on daily basis in the RPA process.
  • Need to work with the business analyst. Also, for the SME of the process identification & feasibility analysis.
  • Need to configure new object of blue prism in the programming point of view. They are only response for the code maintenance which are developed by the developers.
  • Need to attend the meeting for development issues identification process.
  • Must have a capability to lead the team.

Average salary for the blue prism developer:

The salary may vary based on the experience of the developer. As per the research, the salary may vary from $87,464 to $99,040. The salary for the top developer will be $113,207. It may vary based on the location as well as years of experience.


This article gives you a brief about blue prism developers and roles. It is important to know responsibilities of junior and senior developers. This article gives you a great insight different industry needs. Enroll the course for blue prism with Hope Tutors. The course is more aligned with current trends. The course will offer you a great career ahead. All the best.


February 4, 2020
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