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1:Can you list out the steps involved in the process of Automation Anywhere?
AnswerFollowing are the steps involved in the process of Automation Anywhere. They are,
Select a tool.
Then we need to define the scope of automation. Also, we need to provide the measures just like planning, etc.
In this step we need to test as well as execute.
The last step is maintenance.
Answer :In automation anywhere, there are 3 types of bots. They are,
IQ Bots.
Task Bots.
Meta Bots.
Answer :The central most part of architecture of automation anywhere is the control room. It acts as the platform which is based on the web for controlling automation anywhere. This offers many features. It includes the following. They are,
User management.
Provides dashboard.
Automation Deployment.
Source Control.
Answer :When we compare with other two, this IQ Bots has many advanced. This bot trains themselves based on the provided data. Then they will perform from what they learn. This bot automates with the help of the cognitive technology. The best example is Multilingual Chat as well as Personal Assistants.
Answer :These bots automate tasks which are repetitive, and rule based. It is the best for the following. They are,
Document admin.
HR management.
IT services.
It improves the following. They are,
Cost saving.
Efficiency process.
Customer registration as well as notification sending are the most common examples.
Answer :These Bots are the blocks in the automation anywhere. We can reuse this for process optimization. It is very independent. We can use this to perform CUI operations like system logged in. Login screen for the users and their validation interface are the best example for this.
Answer :As the name itself tell us that we use this to create the bots. This app is based on the desktop. The codes are stored in control room just by receiving the authentication. Various developers are able to create one / many bots which are different types. At the end, they need to merge it and then execute it.
Answer :It is a machine. With the help of this we can able to run the Bots. With the help of this we can able to run bots parallelly. For running the Bot, we must run the license. If there occurs any failure at middle of process, then bot returns to control room.

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AnswerFollowing are the system requirements of the automation anywhere. They are,
Minimum of 4GB RAM.
Must require 1024*768 or more inches screen monitor.
Windows 7. Also, other latest versions are suitable.
Answer :Following are some of the important reasons for using the Automation Anywhere. They are,
Time as well as cost saving.
Increase the transaction speed.
Time required for the value is quick, Non-intrusive.
Scaling from the desktop to the data center.
Human errors can be eliminated.
We don’t need any programming knowledge. We can able to record the actions.
Answer :Following are some of the very important apps where we use automation anywhere. They are,
Automation tasks generally in HR department.
ERP integration in manufacture department.
Creating the reports of the lead generation in marketing department.
Populating forms for sub-contractor as well as daily report automations in the government sectors.
Invoice processing as well as auditing in Financial department.
To gather details of the product especially from manufacture site for retail industries.
Answer :Generally, we have 4 types of the frameworks. They are,
Hybrid automation.
Modular automation.
Answer :Yes, it is possible to use the automation anywhere to test agile methods. We can able to use this with the same CI. In many situations, we don’t require sophisticated documentation level. For these cases, we can’t use this agile method.
Answer :Following are some of the most important automation anywhere benefits. They are,
Easy integration.
Programming is very easy.
Deployment is very quick.
Enterprises usage.
Navigating to many digital landscapes.
Easy to perform very complex task.
Designed for the very complex task..
Answer :This tool is designed for automating the GUI with the help of the VIM method. In the sikuli we can able to store all web elements in project. Mainly we use this to automate the flash objects & windows-based apps.
Answer :It is the platform. This platform is for building any of the suite which also includes automation. This tool is very useful to provide more perfect info on many aspects. With the help of this platform we can able to build programs for special purpose.
Answer :It is open sourced framework. It is used for testing the approach for AA. This is very useful to automating the mobiles as well as web environments. It provides the best support for the programming languages like Perl, Java, Python as well as PHP.
Answer :In order to perform the task repetitively, we need to choose the automated testing. It saves many time and human efforts. This is the very good option for regression test, sanity and smoke. It will provide accurate results.
Answer :Both tools are very powerful in AA. Automating flash object is not possible with the selenium. But it is supported by the sikuli. Automating the web apps and windows is supported by sikuli. Selenium works only with the web apps. Visual matches are available in the sikuli where else it is not available in the selenium.
Answer :The expansion of QTP is Quick Test Professionals. It is one of the automation tools. It is mainly considered during the environment of testing.
Answer :Many automation tools are there for testing. Following are few of the most important tools to test the AA. They are,
Telerik Test Studio.
Answer :Following are 5 things which we can able to automate. They are,
Test suite of smoke.
Test suite of smoke sanity.
Testing the data creation.
Performing the automation behind the GUI.
Building deployment.
Answer :We need to go to the client window. There we need to click Repository tab for communicating with server. There we can able to perform the following tasks. They are,
Compare tasks with other in server.
Answer :
Yes. We can able to pass a variable of one to another task. It is achieved just by mapping it when we call the tasks.
Answer :In the premier AA, we need to verify the task. At that time images of the all clicks of the mouse as well as keystones were automatically captured. It allows us for capturing images in demand. It is possible just by enabling the SnapPoint. Then set it to the command which we want.
Answer :No. The SMART technology of the automation will adjust automatically. This is changes with the windows size as well as locations.
Answer :The centralized location of the securely creation is Credential Manager. It stores sensitive information. It includes automation tasks which will be in form of the Credential.
Answer :Thick client:
Any apps which we get many features with the help of the automation tools.
IE, calculator.
Thin client:
Any apps which we didn’t get quality properties. This is while spying with the help the automation tools.
Virtual Environments.
Answer :If we enable the options of security recording in the setting of the control room.
Answer :For reading data from our CSV or Text file, we must use the FileDataColumn.
Answer :We can modify the data variables.
Answer :According to the Hourly rate, we can able to modify the ROI settings.

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