Top 25 Chef Interview Questions and Answers

1.Can you tell me about Chef?
Answer:One of the most powerful CM & automation tools is Chef. This tool converts the company’s infrastructure to the structural format of the codes. Using this Chef, we can able to develop the script which are used to automate the IT & business process.
Answer :Following are some of the comparison between the Puppet and Chef. They are,

S: No
System friendly
Program friendly
Supported platform
Wide range
Server configuration
API integrations
No such extended API
Extended API

Answer :Chef resources is the part of infrastructure. We generally use this to install or run the services.
Answer :Following are some of the functions of the Chef resources. They are,
We can able to describe about desired states of the configuration items.
We can able to bring the certain items to the state.
We can able to select the resources just like package, services or template.
We can able to list out the properties of the resources & other needed details.
We can able to group resources into the receipts. This is just for describing the work configurations.
Answer :There are three main components in Chef. They are,
Chef Workstation.
Chef Server.
Chef Nodes.

Answer :When we group the resources, then it will convert to Receipt. It will describe about the work configuration as well as policy. With the help of this we can able to get all the needed to configure the specific system.

Answer :Following are some of the functions of the Chef Recipe. They are,
We can able to install software components with the help of Chef Recipe.
We can able to manage all files as well as apps deployment.
We can able to execute all other recipes with the help of single recipe.

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