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Every product has its own life cycle. The product evolves with changes. There would be some new features. Sometimes, there would be bug fixing. Do you know all these processes are taking more time? Here comes the advanced concept DevOps. DevOps is the improved way of managing the life cycle of product. Hope Tutors in Guindy is the best institute to teach you about DevOps.

We cover all advanced concepts of DevOps with practical examples. This training will give you expert level training in product, cloud and coding. This training suits for all level of professionals as well as freshers.

Introduction to DevOps

The DevOps is from words “Development” and “Operations”. DevOps is a set of practices which will help running business in smart way. It introduces continues integration and continues delivery. It enhances user experience and customer satisfaction. DevOps enhances the way of development and testing.

All companies started using DevOps for their products. With this product delivery is error-free and faster. DevOps is a perfect solution to solve poor management techniques. DevOps is success proven path breaking technique. Our DevOps training in Guindy covers basic and advanced concepts.

How DevOps could change the classic process life cycle?

Most of the products follow waterfall model. The product will move to next stage after completion of previous stage. For example, testing stage will start only after development. This model has more cons. In other hand, DevOps improves this process.

DevOps changes the way of business. Some of the highlights are

  • It prepares the industry as competitive.
  • It helps us to prepare the software changes as easy process.
  • It assures development through agile model.
  • It increases the productivity.
  • It assures technology driven business.

Why should you take DevOps Training in Guindy with us?

Hope tutors is one stop solution for DevOps training in Guindy. We follow effective training style and advanced course material. Some of important features are follows.

  • Real time examples for all training sessions relevant to DevOps methods.
  • All trainers are industry experts. They are working in proved DevOps methods. They are working in research topics as well. So, you will get solution and suggestion for all your queries.
  • Addition to training, we will provide you assistance for your job search. We provide you access to interview questions for DevOps.
  • Our trainers are here to clarify your doubts and will suggest you for your job search. They will help you understanding recent job trends in DevOps.
  • Training sessions will have free demos as well. It will ensure you to confirm your understanding.
  • The training sessions include theory classes and practical classes. We provide you best exam guides for DevOps.

Who can take DevOps training in Guindy?

We design our training course suitable for all required folks. DevOps training is suitable for all following candidates.

  • Students who are preparing for jobs
  • Freshers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Architects
  • Managers
  • Business Analyst.

Advanced concepts you will learn with DevOps training in Guindy

Our DevOps training in Guindy will help you to learn basic and advanced concepts. Some important highlights are as below.

• Containers: Containerization is one of advanced concept. It helps to bundle application with all required files. The configuration files and libraries are part of container. The container will mention all dependencies for application.

• Git: It is a version control system. It helps you getting all code changes coordinated. It helps to track changes of all files. It ensures speed and integrity in development.

• Automation of test and development: You will learn how to automate test and development process. We will teach you how to do test driven development. It ensures all tests are predefined and executed before delivery.

• Cluster and Node: Cluster contains one master node and multiple worker machines. Cluster will help you coordinate a request by application.

Prerequisites of DevOps Training course in Guindy

DevOps training in Guindy is suitable for all from freshers to experts. If you know any of following, it is added advantage.

  • Basics about version control system.
  • Basics of Java and build tools.
  • Basics of linux system concepts.
  • Basics of Javascript or Ruby.

    Objectives of DevOps training in Guindy

    You will learn all following concepts once you enroll with DevOps training in Guindy.

    • What is DevOps.
    • Importance of DevOps.
    • Dev Automation
    • Test Automation
    • Version Control System
    • Containerization
    • Real time projects in DevOps.
    • Advanced concepts of DevOps.
    • Basics of linux systems.
    • Basics of scripting languages
    • Basics of core Java


    Benefits of DevOps Training in Guindy

    Some important benefits of DevOps training in Guindy are as follows.

    • You will start identifying solutions for IT problems.
    • Increasing in efficiency of given work items.
    • You will understand continuous integration.
    • You will start using Agile process.
    • You will learn different new tools like Git, Jenkins, Kubernets etc.,
    • You will get more job offers for DevOps
    • You will get familiar with cutting edge technologies.
    • You will get a better team work if you are working in IT industry.

    Job trends for DevOps in IT industry

    DevOps creates more trending jobs in IT industry. DevOps is a general practice. This practice can be applied for all products. DevOps is trending in all companies. As per Glassdoor report, DevOps engineers are getting $1L per year. It creates more job openings for all job titles. To conclude, DevOps training in Guindy with Hope Tutors will give you a bright future.

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