Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

You may be wondering how to face an interview, especially if you had to face a large MNC. So Hope Tutors have listed most frequently asked blue prism interview questions that help you prepare for competitive interviews.

Q1. What are the different kinds of spy modes in Blue Prism?

There are generally 4 different types of spy modes widely used in Blue Prism automation system. They are:

  • HTML
  • Accessibility Mode
  • Win-32
  • Regional Mode

Q2. Where win-32 spy mode can be used?

Win-32 spy mode is an important interaction oriented application that can be used in Windows application, a Browser application, Java application, and mainframe applications. These four platforms are the major consumers of win-32 spy mode.

Q3. When do we need workqueue concept?

Generally, when we have to run a large volume of data, we use workqueue concept and its implications. This much-discussed concept in automation sectors helps to avoid duplication. It also helps to re-run the already existing process, thus saving up a lot of time.

It also helps to handle many exception errors and to run multi-bots. And importantly these multi-bots is very important to reduce the time needed for the operations. So when it comes to the critical phase the assistance of workqueue does wonder.

Q4. What are the main tabs in Blue Prism?

It is very essential to learn the main tab that contains the main links to the many important tools.

Usually, there are 5 important tabs to be found in the Blue Prism application.

  • Home
  • Studio
  • Control Room
  • Dashboard
  • Release
  • System

Q5. Why Blue Prism dashboard?

The dashboard is one of the tabs arranged in the Blue Prism application. This dashboard provides some essential toolkits options that leads the user to the automation process. This dashboard serves as the connector between the blue prism front-end code with the translation process of the business process according to the user’s likings.

Q6. What is the purpose of Resource?

The major purpose of Resource application is to show a list of systems that are connected to the Blue Prism’s main server. Thus we can see the availability the live systems that are in the process of automating the particular business process.

As a Blue Prism developer, we can see the Resource application in system tab, session management and through the currently available various resources in the system.

Q7. What are the sections in the session management?

In the session management environment, usually, there are three active sections.

  • Available resources (which shows the live resources being connected and executed)
  • Available processes ( list of already published processes)
  • Environment

Q8. What are the stage of exceptional handling?

When we have to process exceptional handling, there are three main phases on the go.

  • Resume
  • Recover
  • Exception

Resuming a standby process is the first thing to do during exceptional handling. And then we begin the process of recovering the saved and the running functionality. And at the end of the rope, we go to the Exception phase and finish off the process of exceptional handling in Blue Prism tool.

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