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Robotics Process Automation is the technology of implementing the robots for automating the tasks that involve huge iteration of human interpretations.The Inclusion of robots is proven as effective on improving the Quality of tasks and reduction in the Company Expenses.The Usage of Robotic Process Automation on full scale was started by so many companies and it will improve on cumulative basis near the future.

RPA Online Course Module

Hope Tutors is the pioneer in RPA Classroom Training in Chennai and now emerged as the Global leader among the RPA Coaching Online. We help the RPA Students to leverage their Course Module with Real time Scenarios. RPA Certification would be delivered at the Completion of Course that helps you to excel more in the Career.

RPA Trainers Experience

We are Serious into the Students Career Goals, handpicked the best trainers from the organizations who are having expertise at full scale. There is no need to wait for your training period, our network is connected with globe as it takes few minutes to start your PC and Start learning. There is no shortage of focus, every individual would get the desired attention. Training is not only knowledge oriented it is blended mix of the Career training and Placement Oriented. We teach you with the real time practical examples that align with the course syllabus and Jobs.

Why we are the providers of best RPA online training in Chennai

There is a reason that we are rated as the provider of best online rpa training, we follow our rules strictly and at the same time as flexible which should not alter the comfort of students. Our Institute methodology is quite simple, we would try to get every student placed by giving the career oriented training.

Salient Features of our RPA online Training in Chennai

  • Hand Picked RPA Trainers with real time working experience around the Globe
  • Best Learning Environment that is tailor made for Online Training
  • Individual Timings for Every Student, So Focused Attention would be given to everyone
  • We Provide the Experts Assistance on Interviews, also RPA interview Questions that covers the Certification.
  • Course Fees would be very minimal compared to the other institutes.

What is the Importance of RPA in Current Industry ?


Hosting Options : Customers are always looking for the Cloud Deployment Options which scales automatically. RPA would ensure that the process of automating the tasks on Cloud Deployment with effective costing

Virtual and Enterprise Applications Compatibility : There is an track record of proven integration record with the latest virtualization technologies by using the Robotics Process Automation

Security and Governance

Release Environments : Robotics Process Automation would give the necessary staging and production environments for QA and Compliance without moving the Customer Compliance Policies.

Version Control : RPA would publish the new records by the roll back management on being deployed by the robots with the log reports.

Security : RPA would allow the robots to lock the client computer on running the tasks and auto login feature would be opened to them for only task execution duration.The Channels that connects the servers and deployment of robotic tasks are protected with high level SSL Protocols


Development Support : The Robotics Process Automation offers the building of own library based on the Object and Process hierarchies with the reusable process templates.

Large Group Deployment : The Robotics Process Automation system would eliminate the runtime updates and server synchronization issues by colliding the client configuration and robot deployment.

Scalability : Robotic Process Automation provides the management console that monitors and controls the upscaling and downscaling of hundreds of robots.

What are the RPA Tools ?

RPA Tools can be categorized in two ways one in Open Source and other in the Commercials. The tools that are mostly used in the Robotics process automation was Automation Anywhere,Blue Prism,Open Span and Uipath.

Automation Anywhere : It is the most powerful rpa software among the others which is used for automating the digital workforce platform.Automation Anywhere tool is partnered with top 30 Companies and the biggest BPO’S.

Blue Prism : Blue Prism is an Automation tool that comes under the rpa technology where the audience will use the knowledge in the business operations to reduce the costs and improve the workforce on achieving the profits.

Open Span : Open Span would help to leverage the skills in desktop automation technologies that focuses on the revenue growth, operational efficiency and customer lifetime growth.

UiPath : Uipath is used to automate the iterative tasks which involves the large scale of human intervention.

RPA Career

The Career in the Robotics Process Automation was good as the need of automation was growing at rapid pace.

As more people are on the need of automation, the companies that implements are improving at rapid pace had opened up the job opportunities for people who are learning the RPA Tools.

The RPA is growing and in demand for the upcoming years, so the pay scale of RPA Jobs are higher when compared to the other.

RPA Salary Trends in India

The RPA Salary is based on the three roles as we pursue.

  • Process Designer
  • Automation Architect
  • Production Manager

The Process Designer was the person who is responsible to look over the people on the Communication issues on the Project.

Automation Architect builds the Project using the Core RPA Modelling.

Production Manager address the issues that would take place in the project after tested and rolled onto the production stage.

The Average Salary of the RPA Developer in India would be around 3-4 lakhs per annum.

Course Curriculum

Automation Aywhere
Ui path


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