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We are proud to say that Hope Tutors is a top notch AWS DEVOPS Training and certification center in Chennai, Velachery. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification training helps you to get real time hands on experience on AWS. AWS DEVOPS empowers organizations with a set of flexible services and designed for more rapid, reliable build and deliver products.

The current DevOps market trend in India is moving upwards and thus increasing the demand for DevOps professionals. Getting the right training and certification from a reputed institute in DevOps can help you get the highly paid jobs in best MNCs in DevOps market.

This course is an introduction to DevOps and is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of AWS-DEVOPS. Our experienced Devops trainers will help you improve your skills and understand DevOps concepts. Our in-house AWS DevOps trainer have trained and placed 100s’ of professionals.

You will have flexible learning options for this Devops course based on your requirements. You can either opt for AWS Devops training classroom courses in Chennai, Velachery or can have online devops training. Our AWS DEVOPS Training and certification course is 100% real-time with assured placement.

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Best Online AWS DEVOPS Training 

Online training has become an easy mode to learn by sitting in your location. Well equipped Trainers and Technology to provide best online AWS DEVOPS training  by Hope Tutors. We assure that you master in AWS DEVOPS with our training.

Who should take AWS DEVOPS certification?

  • Experience Professionals who are operating, and managing AWS environments
  • Developers who are in automation
  • Professionals who are in testing via scripting/programming
  • IT Professionals
  • Designers

Job Opportunity AWS DEVOPS

Professionals and Students with good AWS DEVOPS knowledge are on high demand in many leading IT companies. Whether you want to fast-track your career with a high salary or looking for a job abroad, learning AWS DEVOPS is an ideal choice.

AWS DEVOPS Course Certification

  • We will provide you AWS DEVOPS course certification under the name of Hope Tutors.

Reach us today through call / email / chat to know more about our AWS DEVOPS training and schedule free demo. Hope Tutors wishes you good luck for your career growth.

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Course Curriculum

Git Basics 00:00:00
Continuous Integration and Deployment 00:00:00
Deployment types and strategies 00:00:00
AB Testing 00:00:00
Bootstraping 00:00:00
Immutable architectures 00:00:00
Docker 00:00:00
JSON Primer 00:00:00
Basic concepts 00:00:00
CFN Template structure 00:00:00
Intrinsic Functions and Conditionals 00:00:00
Stack Creation and dependson 00:00:00
Cloudformation resource deletion policies 00:00:00
Cloudformation stack updates 00:00:00
Cloudformation nesting 00:00:00
Cloudformation wait conditions and wait conditions handlers 00:00:00
Cloudformation custom resources 00:00:00
AWS CLI/APIs and SDK 00:00:00
Basic concepts 00:00:00
Opsworks stacks and layers 00:00:00
Opsworks lifecycle events 00:00:00
Opsworks instances 00:00:00
Opsworks application 00:00:00
AWS CLI/APIs and SDK 00:00:00
Basic concepts 00:00:00
Ebextensions 00:00:00
Docker in eb 00:00:00
Beginning cloudwatch 00:00:00
Cloudwatch custom metrics 00:00:00
Cloudwatch alarms 00:00:00
Cloudwatch alarms 00:00:00
Cloudwatch logs 00:00:00
Cloudwatch log filters 00:00:00
Real time log processing 00:00:00
Cloudwatch events 00:00:00
AWS CLI/APIs and SDK 00:00:00
AWS CLI/APIs and SDK 00:00:00
Basic concepts 00:00:00
Delegation and federation 00:00:00
Multiaccount access 00:00:00
Corporate identity federation 00:00:00
Web identity federation 00:00:00
Basic concepts – multi- Availability Zone versus multi-region architectures. 00:00:00
Autoscaling 00:00:00
Autoscaling lifecycle 00:00:00
Autoscaling lifecycle hooks 00:00:00
Launch configurations advanced 00:00:00
Autoscaling group 00:00:00
Self healing autoscaling 00:00:00
RDS – basic concepts 00:00:00
Aurora – basic concepts 00:00:00
Dynamodb – basic concepts 00:00:00
Dynamodb – advanced 00:00:00
EC2 advanced 00:00:00
EBS performance advanced 00:00:00
CLI/API Deep dive 00:00:00
Snapshots, prune and orphans 00:00:00
Encryption at REST and in Transit 00:00:00
Governance, Compliance and Auditing 00:00:00
Billing Management 00:00:00
SQS 00:00:00
KInesis 00:00:00
S3 00:00:00
CDN 00:00:00
Elasticache 00:00:00

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