The Apache Cassandra open-source distributed database originally open-sourced by Facebook and is used by many companies today.Many start-ups and large product companies are moving towards Cassandra for their next generation computing and data platforms.Cassandra is designed to handle workloads across multiple data centers with no single point of failure, providing extremely high database performance and availability.Course ObjectivesUnderstanding Cassandra and NoSQLUnderstand Apache Cassandra ArchitectureIn-depth knowledge in implementing Apache Cassandra conceptsData Loading TechniquesCassandra Data ModelingCassandra Client APIUse Cases for Cassandra

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to NoSQL and Apache Cassandra
Why NoSQL? 00:00:00
Relational DB vs. NoSQL? 00:00:00
Type of NoSQL Databases 00:00:00
CAP Theorem and Tunable Consistency 00:00:00
Advantages of NoSQL 00:00:00
Where does Cassandra fit in? 00:00:00
ACID vs BASE 00:00:00
Getting Started Apache Cassandra
Apache Cassandra Setup 00:00:00
Important Configuration 00:00:00
Basic CLI Commands 00:00:00
Cassandra Keyspace and Column Family 00:00:00
Writing and Reading Data 00:00:00
Key Concepts (Key Space, Column Family, Super Column etc.) 00:00:00
Column Options(Column Sorting, Super Columns) 00:00:00
Rows Options(Wide Rows, Skinny Rows) 00:00:00
Distributed and Decentralized 00:00:00
Data Modelling
Differences between RDBMS and CASSANDRA 00:00:00
Query Language 00:00:00
Indexes 00:00:00
Sorting 00:00:00
Design Patterns 00:00:00
Materialized Views 00:00:00
Programmatically Defining Keyspaces and Column Families 00:00:00
Building a Cluster 00:00:00
Backup and Restore 00:00:00
Performance Tuning 00:00:00
Cassandra Query Language
Data modeling 00:00:00
Indexing 00:00:00
Data Definition 00:00:00
Data Manipulation 00:00:00
Queries 00:00:00



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