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Hope Tutors offers the best DevOps training in Chennai with the advanced DevOps course module. We design that can fit the people who are willing to learn without any prerequisite knowledge on the DevOps. We offer the hands-on training on DevOps tools and also teach you to use the DevOps best practices throughout its development lifecycle.

Introduction to DevOps

Devops can be called as an approach that is collectively handled by software developers and IT operations to give an effective, reliable and standard automation process

What is the need of DevOps for Companies?

Quick Innovation- The pace of the innovation is high in DevOps when compared to the people who still rely on the same pipeline process that does not include it, the combination of operations and development team applications will give bear more fruits and improve the company success rate.

Communication and Collaboration – DevOps does not rely on Individual brilliance, it is the teamwork of developers and operations team, so we can expect the less error-free and efficient model that would help to scale the business.

Increase in Efficiency – DevOps would help in improving efficiency. Building the Code Acceleration tools that can compile the code quickly

Fault Detection – The Life Span of DevOps was short with the frequent release of Code releases which makes it easier to spot code defects.

Why do you need to learn DevOps?

Job Assurance: DevOps is a technology that is younger, as the demand is more, companies are looking for the people who possess the DevOps skillset. You can get a job easily by learning the devops.

Unique Skill Set: DevOps would teach you the various tools and technologies that is used for development, testing, and deployment. This will help you master all the skills which is needed in order to successfully build, operate, monitor, measure and improve the various processes in the IT enterprises.

Reasons to learn the Devops Training in Chennai ?

Quality Service: Due to the frequent roll of the updated, Service quality can be maintained.

Team Collaboration: Devops demands a team that communicate and work collectively which would avoid simple errors and an improved innovation

Quick Repair: DevOps engineers can solve the errors as quickly as possible

Enhanced customer experiences. Engineers incorporate customer feedback into the product more quickly—giving users exactly what they want.

Increased efficiency. DevOps teams operate under lean and agile principles. They move faster without any waste

Increased productivity. The Collaboration of developers and operation team would help us to identify the problems and fixing them in quick time.

What Can you learn in DevOps Course?

Our DevOps Training in Chennai would give you the whole skeleton of DevOps Culture. We teach you on how to understand and master the devops in quick time


  • Application of the deployment strategies and Feedback loops to the systems, which are currently used by big giants like Google and Netflix
  • We teach you about the Application of CAMS Model for your Organization
  • Diagnosing the best cultural elements that can develop a scaling and performing IT Firm
  • Combined with the Configuration Management , we teach you to reach the peaks at agile infrastructure
  • Quality and Quick Delivery of the software’s can be learnt with the help of our Devops Training in Chennai
  • Defeat your Competitors with Consistent Monitoring of the Devops Tools
  • Silo Break Down would be taught as it soothes the program to run faster
  • Development of Paradigms that goes beyond the Dev and Ops

What are the tools that cover in DevOps?

Most of the tools have their own defects and merits, and there are some tools which can be used in different stages of DevOps. If I need to give a few, I would give the tools that are listed below

  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Nagios
  • Git
  • ELK
  • Splunk


JENKINS: A Tool that is used for developers to developers

Jenkins can be treated as an extensible, open source continuous integration server. It will build and test your software continuously and monitors the execution and status so that the users and team members would get the updated code easily.

Features of Jenkins Tool
  • It is a Free Open-Source Tool
  • We Can Integrate all the DevOps stages with the help of around 1000 plugins
  • Single Workflow can be built for Multiple build jobs with the help of pipeline scripting
  • Multiple ways to communicate – web-based GUI, CLI and REST Api


The Companies that use the Jenkins

Devops Training in Chennai

DOCKER: Use your Software Anywhere

A lightweight tool that uses the container to package up an application with all the requirements and dependencies before shipping the complete container as the single package

  • Any language can be used along with Docker
  • Move the Container wherever you want, Be it QQ or Cloud, the Shipping of Container is icing in Cake
  • You can Update with zero downtime


Companies that use the docker tools

Devops Training in Chennai 1

Kubernetes :

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration tool. The container management responsibilities of kubernetes include container deployment, scaling & descaling of containers & container load balancing.

Features :
  • Storage Orchestration
  • Batch Execution
  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks
  • Service Discovery and load balancing
Puppet: Deploy, Configure and Manage Your Servers

Puppet is an open-source configuration management tool, which can be used to automate the method of inspecting, delivering and operating the software across the entire lifecycle with platform independence

Features :
  • It is purely based on the master-slave architecture
  • It is an Open-source tool
  • Long commercial track record
Companies Already Using Puppet:

Devops Training in Chennai 2

Chef: Manage your data, attributes, roles, environments, and cookbooks

Chef is a powerful and reliable configuration management automation tool that is used to transform the infrastructure into code without breaking a sweat.

Features :
  • Being an open-source configuration management tool, we can rely on it and the updates would be more.
  • It also supports the cross-platform like AIX, RHEL/CentOS, FreeBSD
  • It is easier to integrate with cloud-based platforms
  • It has an Active, smart and fast-growing community support
Companies Already Using Chef:

Devops Training in Chennai 3

Ansible: Manage your data, attributes, roles, environments, and cookbooks

Ansible provides the simplest ways to automate the apps and IT infrastructures such as network configuration, cloud deployments, and creation of development environments.

Features :
  • It is an Open source configuration management tool
  • Push Configuration was Supported
  • It is based on the master-slave architecture
  • There is no need of agent since it uses the syntax written with YAML
Companies Already Using Ansible:

Devops Training in Chennai 4

Nagios: Log Tracking

Nagios can be used as a powerful monitoring system that helps your organization to identify and resolve any IT infrastructure problems before it affects the critical part of the business process

Features :
  • It can be used to monitor and troubleshoot the server performance issues
  • Vision on the Infrastructure Upgrades before it fails
  • No need of manual intervention on fixing the problems
Companies Already using Nagios:

Devops Training in Chennai 5

GIT: Don’t Worry Keep Updating

GIT is an effective control system that allows you to track every change in your file and, so thereby using it you can easily coordinate the work among your team

Features :
  • Free-Open Source Tool
  • Feature Branch Workflow
  • It allows for the Distributed Development
  • Pull Request Support
  • Faster Release Cycle
Companies that use GIT are

Devops Training in Chennai 6

ELK Stack: Don’t Miss Out Important Insights from Your Logs

The Collection of three tools Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana can be termed as ELK Stack. It is used to collect business insights out of your logs or data.

Features :
  • Open Source tool with multiple plugins support
  • Very Lightweight tool and so easy to deploy
  • Perform the search in Quick time
  • Collection and Analysing of the logs from an excel file to a database or server
  • Active and Supportive discussion forum
Companies already using ELK:

Devops Training in Chennai 7

Splunk: Keep a Track of Your Logs

The Software platform to Search and Analyze the machine data from applications which make up your IT Infrastructure and business

Features :
  • Ability to Store, search, analyze and visualize the machine-generated data
  • Use Data in multiple file format
  • Create knowledge objects for operational intelligence
  • Monitors the business metrics to get log insights
  • Active and Supportive discussion forum
Companies Already using Splunk:

Devops Training in Chennai 8

Why Hope Tutors is the best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai?

  • We Provide the course material for DevOps like video, PPT, PDF, Audio, Podcast and other documents to upsurge your learning outcomes.
  • If you are feeling nervy you can call us at any time, we provide 24*7 support team interaction via email and phone
  • Session flexibility assortments are presented to students, we value your time
  • Hope Tutors have presented students with the in-depth information of DevOps and hands-on real-time projects to advance their domain knowledge.
  • After the end, of course, a DevOps Course Accomplishment Certificate will be given to each Student. You can high point this credential in your job profile, which evaluates you and increase the chances of your job in the company
  • Syllabus inlined Devops Interview Questions will be provided at free of cost.

What are the Prerequisites for DevOps Course?

  • Knowledge in Tech-stack like OS, DB, Middleware which includes Linux/Windows, Tomcat/Weblogic, Apache/Nginx
  • Knowledge of Building and Deployment process.
  • Knowledge of daily Ops activities such as restarts, maintenance, backups etc
  • There are no defined prerequisites on tools and technology

What is the Job Opportunities for DevOps?

A lot of Companies are looking for the DevOps Certified Professional to streamline their development and deployment process. The collaboration between the teams not only results in apps being built faster but also ensures apps are bigger and better.

DevOps would help the organization to deploy software more frequently by maintaining service stability.

DevOps is the trending tool and it will continue to grow too in the next decade. DevOps engineers are among the highest paid IT practitioners today and aggressive hiring of people with DevOps expertise will continue in the years to follow.

Below are some of the DevOps career options are:

  • Software Tester
  • Security Engineer
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialist
  • Solution Architect
  • Release Engineer
  • Cloud Professionals
  • System Admin
  • Devops Salary trends

Devops Certification in Chennai

There are no authentic certification for Devops Course, as they are a collection of tools. There are tools based certifications which you could consider for upgrading your skills on Devops

Here is a list of some of the useful certifications:

  • AWS Sysops/Devops Certifications
  • Puppet Certification
  • Ansible Certification
  • Docker Certified Associate (DCA)
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator
  • Chef Badges

Devops Salary Trends

As per pay scale, an average Salary of DevOps Engineer ranges in between Rs 293,781 – Rs 1,491,814.

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