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Hope Tutors provide Real Time MEAN Stack Training (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS) with experienced trainers. We assure your career growth as a Full Stack Developer in the IT Industry. Hope Tutors provide placement assurance and training till placement. Learn Database + Front end + UI development and fast track your career.

Topics Covered in Full Stack Developer Training

Who should study MEAN Stack

  • Developers
  • Freshers
  • Web designers
  • Node js developers
  • Angular developers

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Course Curriculum

The Front End Frameworks- Big Picture
Intro to NodeJS Ecosystem – Essential for Angular 2
Intro to NodeJS and Ecosystem 00:00:00
Understanding NPM Packages 00:00:00
Understanding package.json 00:00:00
Essential NPM commands 00:00:00
AngularJS 1 vs Angular 2 Vs Angular 4
Angular 2 Setup
Angular Cli 00:00:00
Creating a project 00:00:00
Project architecture Walkthrough 00:00:00
Typical Angular 2 App Architecture 00:00:00
Start the server, Understanding it 00:00:00
Quick Intro to TypeScript
What is TS? 00:00:00
Using Types 00:00:00
Classes 00:00:00
Modules, Import, Export 00:00:00
Getting started with Components
What is a Component? 00:00:00
Breaking down into Component 00:00:00
Project Structure 00:00:00
Understanding app code 00:00:00
How does Angular 2 App Start? 00:00:00
Understanding AppModule (app.module.ts) 00:00:00
Deep Dive into Components
Inner or Multiple Components 00:00:00
Generate inline templates 00:00:00
ng-content 00:00:00
Data Binding
Intro 00:00:00
String Interpolation 00:00:00
Property Binding 00:00:00
Custom Property Binding 00:00:00
Event Binding 00:00:00
Two-way data Binding 00:00:00
Custom Event Binding 00:00:00
Attribute Directives 00:00:00
Structural Directives 00:00:00
Custom Attribute Directive (Hands-on Coding Challenge : Colorizer ) 00:00:00
Custom Attribute Directive with event (Hands-on Coding Challenge: EvtListener) 00:00:00
Chrome Inspector 00:00:00
Augury 00:00:00
What are Services? 00:00:00
Dependency Injection 00:00:00
Angular 2 Life cycle hooks
Angular 2 Router
Intro to Router 00:00:00
Setting up Router 00:00:00
Associating Links 00:00:00
Imperative Routing 00:00:00
Route Parameters 00:00:00
What are Pipes? 00:00:00
Pipes transform displayed values within a template 00:00:00
Pipes Docs 00:00:00
Creating Custom Pipes 00:00:00
Template Driven Approach 00:00:00
Data Driven Approach 00:00:00
Intro to Observables
Unit Testing - Intro
Demo App with Angular 4 Front End on Last day
Node JS
Node.js framework 00:00:00
Installing Node.js 00:00:00
Node.js to execute scripts 00:00:00
Node Package
Node Package Manager 00:00:00
Package.json configuration file 00:00:00
Global vs. local package installation 00:00:00
Shrink-wrap to lock the node modules versions
Learn NPM Vet 00:00:00
Outdated command 00:00:00
Asynchronous programming
Callback functions 00:00:00
Promises 00:00:00
Using Request module to make api calls 00:00:00
HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs
Building an HTTP server 00:00:00
Rendering a response 00:00:00
Query strings 00:00:00
File System
Synchronous vs asynchronous I/O 00:00:00
Dirname and Filename 00:00:00
Buffers Streams and Events
Flowing vs non-flowing streams 00:00:00
Streaming I/O from files and other sources 00:00:00
Multi Processing in NodeJS
Child Process API 00:00:00
Cluster API for multi-core servers 00:00:00
Defining Jade templates 00:00:00
Postman configuration 00:00:00
JSON Data 00:00:00
POST data 00:00:00
Adding middleware 00:00:00
Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite
RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases 00:00:00
Performing CRUD operations 00:00:00, Front-end and Chat App
Adding To Your App 00:00:00
Explore Front-end 00:00:00
Sending Live Data Back & Forth 00:00:00
Front-end UI 00:00:00
Timestamps 00:00:00
Chat application Project 00:00:00
Intro to Task Managers with unit testing

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  1. Mean stack training

    I Joined Mean stack class , Trainer
    is such a nice person and his teaching were based on interview point of view,Explains the concept in a understandable manner.Thank you Hope tutors Team

  2. Good Training in Velachery

    i have done Mean stack development course here, very good teaching and placement support is also good. till now they have sent me for 2 interviews. i suggested my friends also to join in Hope tutors…

  3. Best front end development training

    hai this is Indhu, i have undergone Front end development training and i learned all concepts real time with project experiences. i rate Excellent 5/5 .

  4. About mean stack trainig

    “First of all I would like thank my trainer Mr.Arun for giving a wonderful coaching.i learned the course from the basic level to advanced level.i review there teaching was really good”.

  5. Wonderful Training

    I am Fathima completed my Mean stack is good.i got placed in wipro after completion of my course.

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