“Ethical Hacking” is getting popular now, as all the Organization want to find the loops in their security and fix them before hackers attack their data. In Hope Tutors, we provide excellent training for “Ethical Hacking” with industry experts, good h

Ethical Hacking Training

Hope Tutors is one of the best Ethical Hacking training institutes with experienced professionals. We offer exceptional training which is developed based on the latest industry trends in Ethical Hacking. The training course is designed for personnel to master different ways of protecting the infrastructure of corporates from various data breaches.

In our training, you can learn step by step basics methodologies like how to write virus codes that the hackers use, reverse engineering and more in-depth. Candidates can develop their skills in network security by learning different concepts like advanced system penetration testing, malware threats, securing web servers, advanced network packet analysis and more.

What is Ethical Hacking?

People have a negative impression when using the term hacking as it is illegal and also invades other’s privacy. Every factor directly or indirectly depends on the technology in this digital era. Technology has brought massive benefits to humans, and it also has fewer disadvantages. Most of the enterprise focus their attention on safeguarding sensitive data from hackers.

The demand for Ethical Hacking trainers is high in the midst of the developing technological world. Smaller to bigger companies appoint ethical hackers to protect their sensitive data from hackers. The primary goal of an Ethical hacker is to penetrate various systems and check for system’s protection and security of the organization’s IT system. companies sensitive data may look secure from outside but there are higher chances for malware threats, hacking or virus and therefore organization needs to appoint hackers to check their system security and reliability.

Key Features of Hope Tutors Ethical Hacking:

  • 100% assured job placement assistance.
  • Different modes of training like Classroom training, Online Training, Fast-track training, corporate training, one-to-one training available for the candidates.
  • Flexible batch timings as per the preferences of candidates.
  • Industry experts with a decade of experience.
  • Free access to Hope Tutor labs throughout the course.
  • Study materials are provided to the candidates during the training.
  • Tips and tricks are provided for clearing CEH Certification.

CEH Course Objectives:

The Ethical Hacking course from Hope Tutors trains candidates to safeguard the company infrastructure by ethically influencing the techniques which are mostly used by the hackers to perforate the system. The hands-on training from our experienced professionals offers a practical approach to critical systems by emphasizing on the system security domain. Candidates who pursue Ethical hacking training with Hope Tutors will be able to understand how to:

  • Prepare for the Ethical EC-Council hacker certified exams.
  • Make use of the penetration testing techniques to analyze security in the computer systems.
  • Scan, hack and test secure applications and system.
  • Gain practical experience with exploitation, sniffing tactics, and phishing.


Below are some of the latest changes made to the CEH training course.

  • Upgraded VA (Vulnerability Assessment) materials.
  • Increased focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Cloud Attack vectors.
  • CEH Practical exams.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) modules.

What is CEH Certification?

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification helps to validate the candidate skills in analyzing and assessing the security of the computer system to secure the infrastructure of the enterprises. The exam helps how to evaluate network security and computer system by making use of the penetration testing tools, testing your knowledge and skills in implementing ethical hacking specialized techniques, and more.

Why learn ethical hacking certification?

Helps in mastering different advanced skills of security and thrive in the Information Security field with the EC- Council certified ethical hacker course from Hope Tutors. The CEH training certification is one of the qualifications that is valued equally to IT department for security-related posts. There are many career opportunities for personnel who take up hacking course namely CND auditor, Intrusion analyst, Security Manager, Forensic Analyst, CND Infrastructure support executive, Computer Network defense analyst, and CND incident responder.

Who can pursue Hope Tutor’s Ethical Hacking course in Chennai?

The training course of ethical hacking from Hope Tutors can be pursued by

  • IT Operations Manager.
  • System analyst administrators.
  • IT security auditor, practitioners, and officers.
  • IS/IT consultant or auditor.
  • IT Security Specialist, architect, manager, administrator or analyst.
    Site Administrators.
  • Network Specialist, manager, consultant, analyst or administrator.
  • IS/IT specialist, manager or analyst.
  • Network security practitioners and officers.
  • Technical support engineer
  • Senior system engineers.

What skills will you learn from Hope Tutors Ethical Hacking course?

Hope tutors train candidates to analyze and find out the vulnerabilities and threats, helps in expanding your web, mobile app, and network security understanding and more. The course enables you to

  • Become expert in advanced hacking concepts like Securing IIS & Apache web servers, hacking Oracle and SQL Databases, Advanced network packet analysis, and Windows system administration using Powershell.
  • Learn the latest industry developments in web and mobile technologies namely Android, Blackberry, HTML5, iOS, and windows phone.
  • Learn the information assurance of advanced log management, and helps in managing the security information with more clarity.
  • Get a clear understanding of firewalls, wireless hacking, IDS, and honeypots.
  • Grasp every tactics and methodology step-by-step which hackers utilize to penetrate network systems.
  • Understand the nuances of backdoors, trojans, and countermeasures.
  • Helps in mastering advanced hacking concepts like smartphone and mobile hacking, Reverse engineering and exploit writing, writing virus code, and corporate espionage.

What are the prerequisites for joining Hope Tutors hacking certification?

Just the basic understanding of IP/TCP.

Tools Covered:

  • Backtrack, NMAF project – Network Security Tools
  • Metasploit – Penetration Testing Tools
  • Sqlmap, SQLNINJA – SQL Injection Tools
  • Aircracking, John the ripper and THC- Hydra – Password cracking tools
  • Wireshark, Better cap – Sniffing Tools
  • OWASP, W3af – Web Application Security Tools


Join Hope Tutors today and enhance your skills on ethical hacking!

Course Curriculum

Ethical Hacking - Introduction
Kali Linux Installation
Data Hacking
Footprinting Identification 00:00:00
Scanning 00:00:00
OS Level Hacking
Windows : Access Overriding 00:00:00
Windows : Password Cracking 00:00:00
Unix/Linux : Root Hacking 00:00:00
Unix/Linux : Services Hacking 00:00:00
Network Hacking
Wireless Devices Hacking
Website Hacking
Attacking Types 00:00:00
SQL intejection and Prevention 00:00:00
Firewall Intrusion and Detection
Social Engineering
Trojan Virus



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