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Apache camel may be an open hotspot project which is very nearly 5 a considerable length of time old Also need an expansive group keeping for clients. At the heart of the skeleton may be a motor which can the particular occupation of intervention What’s more routes messages from one framework should in turn. Toward those fringe, it needs to get An plenty about segments that permits interfacing for frameworks utilizing Different conventions (e. g. FTP(s), RPC, Web services, HTTP, JMS, rest etc). Likewise, it gives straightforward space particular dialect done Java, spring, and Scala.

Now let’s get began with apache camel. We will set up an undertaking utilizing maven, include dependencies to needed camel libraries Furthermore compose our illustration utilizing both java Also spring DSL.

Apache Camel Architecture

Apache Camel Architecture

Apache Camel Training @ Hope Tutors

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Course Curriculum

Introducing Apache Camel
Architecture of Camel 00:00:00
Message model of Camel 00:00:00
Routing Management with Camel
Generating Java routes 00:00:00
The endpoints 00:00:00
Using multicasting and message filter 00:00:00
Transforming the Data with Camel
Introducing data transformation 00:00:00
Using Camel type converters 00:00:00
Using the data format of Camel CSV and JSON 00:00:00
Data transformation with Java and EIPs 00:00:00
Providing Data format with Camel 00:00:00
Transforming XML 00:00:00
Processes of transformation with templates 00:00:00
Camel and Beans
Using the registries of Bean 00:00:00
The pattern of Service Activator 00:00:00
Method-selection algorithm of Camel 00:00:00
Invocating Beans from Java 00:00:00
Bean’s parameter binding 00:00:00
Error Handling
Camel’s Error handlers 00:00:00
Comprehending error handling 00:00:00
Using the Components of Camel
JMS component 00:00:00
Introducing the Camel components 00:00:00
FTP and File components 00:00:00
JPA and JDBC components 00:00:00
CXF component for web-based services 00:00:00
Networking with MINA component 00:00:00
Timer components 00:00:00
Working with Enterprise Integration Patterns
Routing Slip 00:00:00
Load Balancer 00:00:00
Aggregator 00:00:00
Splitter 00:00:00
Dynamic Router 00:00:00
Camel’s Transactions
Transactions utility and configurations 00:00:00
Fundamentals of Transaction 00:00:00
Client EIP of Transaction 00:00:00
Scalability and Concurrency
Threading and Synchronizing 00:00:00
Monitoring JVM level’s health 00:00:00
Concurrency usage 00:00:00
Using Camel with JMX 00:00:00
Monitoring the health of the network level 00:00:00
Pool profiles of Camel thread 00:00:00
EIPs used with concurrency 00:00:00
Camel applications maintenance 00:00:00
Client API’s 00:00:00
Asynchronous routing engine and its uses 00:00:00
Camel monitoring 00:00:00
Application activity verifications 00:00:00



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