Have you heard about AWS certificate program? Do you want to know the salary trend for AWS jobs? Are you playing cloud architect role and want to shine with AWS? Do you know the average salary for AWS developer is $130,000 per year? If you want to know more details, you land to right page. Hope Tutors is the best training institute for AWS Training in Pallikaranai. 

There are some important points to note. In this course, you will learn all advanced AWS concepts such as EBS, VPC and more. The course is aligned with latest AWS certificate program syllabus.  The course would teach you the best practices of Amazon. Not to make you wait, let us see more details about this course. 

Why should you take AWS Training in Pallikaranai with “Hope Tutors”?

There are some important reasons to consider.

  • We provide AWS training for all levels. The levels are Foundation, Associate, Professional, Specialty.
  • We provide you advanced course material.
  • We have industry experts for training.
  • We provide the practice exams for AWS certificate program.
  • We provide you training with real-time industry projects.
  • Best in class training align with your experience.
  • At end of every session, there will be assignments for practice.
  • A key to get your dream job in AWS.
  • A way to boost your career with Industry standard training.

What is special with Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS is a web service for cloud computation. It provides cloud computing platforms on-demand. This service has access through APIs as well. The server farms in world has this technology. AWS spreads in 90+ services. Some of them are

  • Database
  • Networking
  • Deployment
  • Mobile
  • Developer tools.

AWS provides industry a scalable network. In same time, it provides affordable networking cost. AWS dominates all other cloud services. In IaaS and Paas, AWS plays a major role. 

With this short introduction, you could aware of AWS now. What stops you to kick-start this training? Few more topics, would help to know about AWS training in Pallikaranai.

How will AWS Training in Pallikaranai will help in your career?

You could be a web developer. Or you could be an IT analyst. There is a common point in all these jobs. You could see all domains are moving towards cloud. If you are aware of cloud, it will boost your career. Amazon is world-class company. It’s products are popular in all fields. This training will boost your career for sure. You could see, there are lot of openings for AWS on LinkedIn. It is one of proof to show how much important, this course is. 

AWS market will reach $236 billion by 2020. This statement is from report from Forrester study. The average salary of AWS job is $129,000 per year. So, it is evident, that AWS training will change your career path. 

“Indeed” conducted a study for job trend. It shows, there are more than 3 lac, 80 thousand jobs in this field are vacant. Some interesting info to note down. 

  • Cloud Solution Architect: Average Salary: $16L per year, Source: Glassdoor
  • Cloud Admin: Average Salary: $11L per year, Source: Glassdoor
  • Cloud Developer: Average Salary: $8.4L per year, Source: Glassdoor  

All these could be achieved with structured training. Such training is feasible with our AWS training in Pallikaranai. That’s with our Hope Tutors.

What are added advantages for AWS Training in Pallikaranai

There are some added advantages. 

  • No prior experience required to take this training.
  • We provide best and advanced course material.
  • We provide you, a flexible timing in training.
  • We provide you, both online and classroom training.
  • We provide fast-track training, if you are an expert.
  • We provide you a 24*7 assistance.
  • We provide you a lifetime access for materials.
  • We provide a real-time case study.
  • We provide support for placement.
  • We provide access to community forums.

AWS training in Pallikaranai is worth for sure with these benefits.

What are all different levels of AWS certificate programs?

There are different levels in AWS certificate programs. This relates on your experience in field and need. AWS training in Pallikaranai provides following levels.

  1. Associate level program: 

There is no prerequisite needed. This program is suitable for a developer. The solution architect can take this program as well. Another suitable position is SysOps admin. 

  1. Professional level program: 

This program is suitable for Solution architects. DevOps engineers can take this program as well. 

  1. Foundation level program: 

This program gives a foundation for special level program. This is suitable for Cloud developer. As well, it is suitable for cloud architect. 

  1. Special level program:

This level of program gives you advanced concepts in AWS. This program is suitable for expert in networking. As well, this program is for expert in big data and security. 

Who will take AWS training in Pallikaranai for you?

  • Trainers are expert in fields.
  • Trainers have both theory and working experience.
  • Trainers have experience in solving real-time problems.
  • Trainers know the current trend.
  • Trainers are experts in research and development.
  • Trainers are there to help for your support all time.

Is this course suitable for freshers as well?

The answer for this question is “yes”. As a fresher, this training will increase your chance for jobs. This training will help you to become expert in cloud. Most of the companies prefer knowledge in the latest technologies. Attending this course will make you getting trending cutting edge technology.

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