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The best institute for AWS training in Velachery Chennai is Hope Tutors. We provide you more advanced training materials. Generally, the industrial flied experts prepare these course materials. These course materials are in your budgets. We will train you with more eligible trainers who provide you the best. We keep you more flexible by providing you to choose your training sessions. You can choose either classroom or online training.

Why you should take the AWS Training in Velachery?

More Learning Videos: 

Our AWS training in Velachery Chennai provide you the complete course material for AWS training. Also, the recorded videos of Classroom for each topic. So, the concepts can be easily understood by your own. This is possible by referring the videos & material. Also, we provide the access for the Queries’ forum. This will resolve your doubts on the Lessons.

Timings are very Flexible: 

Our AWS training in Velachery Chennai have biggest advantage when compared with the other institutes. We have offer you both offline as well as Online Classes. This will be on your choice. We also arrange many free Demo Sessions.

Course Syllabus are in more Advanced way: 

Our trainers have already trained more than thousands of students in AWS. They are in both Working experts as well as corporate clients. Our AWS training in Velachery Chennai have broken the training Methodology into multiple modules. We design this to prepare you for the AWS certifications. Also, to get ready jobs.

Assistance for the AWS Certifications: 

For cracking the Certification one of the best ways is learning with good experience. Our AWS training in Velachery Chennai offer you more AWS projects which are real time. Also, dumps of AWS Certification are at Cost free. This will help you in Cracking the Exam & get the certificate.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS stands for Amazon web Services. This platform is cloud web hosting. It provides more scalable as well as this solution is very cost effective. Especially for the corporate as well as SME companies.

Following are some advantages of the AWS. They are,

  • It provides more scalability for the business.
  • It provides free commitment.
  • It provides more apps Security.
  • They play a major role in the cloud hosting as a global leader.
  • It offers PaaS with high technology.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS Training in Velachery – About AWS Certification Programs 

There are different kinds of AWS certification. These are provided as a part of the AWS training in Velachery. All these certifications are based on the roles. The different types of roles are 

  1. Admin in system operations.
  2. Developers
  3. Architect

AWS certification for solution architect: 

This certification generally has two levels. They are as follows.


  • Associate level: 


This training will help you to have real time AWS experience. This is to build a system which is fault-tolerant & scalable system. Also, the distributed system, as well as cost-efficient.


  • Professional level: 


This training will help to you have detailed knowledge. This is especially in the level of architect experience. It will help to build a scalable apps and distributed apps.

AWS certification for Developers: 

This training is given in Associate level.

  • Certified developers would become expert. Especially in validating the scalable apps in AWS.

AWS certification for SysOps Administrator: 

This training comes in two levels. They are as follows.


  • Associate level: 


This program would give you expertise experience. This is in order to deploy the AWS apps. It will also give an opportunity to give the best practices. These are to be followed.


  • Professional level: 


This training would give you expertise experience. Especially in the operations as well as in management of the AWS apps.

There is a payment as well for AWS certifications. For foundation level certifications, you need to pay $100. For Associate level certifications, you need to pay $150. Also, for professional level certifications, you need to pay $300.


Benefits of AWS training in Velachery:

In domain of the Cloud Computing, AWS Certification has the biggest advantage. Most of the Companies are seeing for the people with AWS Certificate. It is always a challenge for cracking the AWS Certification. The AWS developers generally take the role as solution architects. Also, as the solution design engineers. Those who are responsible for handling the designing of apps & systems. 


The Demand for AWS certificate holders in the cloud industry is high. As fresher you may feel that it is very difficult to take AWS Course. Very experienced developers are showing interest for building their team. Especially with the persons who fit for their industry. There are no lesser jobs in the AWS for the next decade.

Nowadays the salary trends in IT field shows a very clear picture about AWS. It will boost your job opportunities for career double the time.


 Who should take AWS Training in Velachery?

  • The Software experts who work as the Solution Architects / Programmers looking for building the SAAS, PAAS, IAAS apps. Also, migrating the data to AWS. This is from the existing data center.
  • System & Network admins who want to upgrade their own career.
  • Software experts looking for upgrading their skills in the cloud computing.


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