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Thinking about becoming a blockchain developer? Hope Tutors blockchain online training course provides precise information about blockchain that can help you grow in career. This specialized course covers key questions & critical topics to help you master blockchain technology.

Whether you’re trying to become a blockchain developer or upgrading yourself, this course is helpful. Our expert trainers taught tutorials could help you improve blockchain skills to master blockchain technology.

About Blockchain Training Program:

The blockchain is the new technology which is undeniably a great invention. So, we have built a training program with an expert team of working blockchain Developers. To make sure students get a great learning experience. Hope Tutors Blockchain online training course helps students to learn advanced skills and to get hired in top companies.

Hope Tutors Blockchain tutorials are the most comprehensive curriculum available. For grasping fundamental skills, mindset, tools & other practices of the blockchain.

Career Option:

In this digital era, blockchain developers are hugely in demand. Most of the blockchain developers are skyrocketing career with their sharp skills. If you learn blockchain, then you could become one of those successful blockchain developers. Survey stats that, blockchain market has been expected to grow over 60% per year. So, it’s a massive opportunity for all job seekers as you will get high paying jobs.

What are objectives of Hope Tutors Blockchain Online Training Program?

The main objectives of Hope Tutors Blockchain Online Training Program.

  • Identify Transaction types with ease to build a web service.
  • Securing digital assets with blockchain identity
  • Creating a private blockchain and web service.
  • Master Blockchain Architecture and Applications.

What will you learn from our Blockchain Online Training?

Hope Tutors training program strives to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation. So, we always provide practical and real-world application skills to master blockchain.

We provide students with a complete view of the blockchain landscape & its potential for business and its implications.

Introduction: Find out how blockchain technology works & understand essential topics.

Transaction Types: Learn about different types of transaction types and how to identify.

Build a web service: Gain knowledge on how to build web service with blockchain.

Secure Digital Assets: Learn how to secure digital assets in Hope Tutors Tutorial.

The Block Structure: Gain knowledge on block structure.

Forming a chain: Learn how to develop a chain hassle-free.

Transaction: Gain knowledge of different trades.

Writing simulation code: learn to write the simulation code.

Blockchain Applications: Get a good knowledge of blockchain Applications.

Blockchain Frameworks: Learn complex blockchain frameworks with ease.

Ethereum Platform: Get a detailed view of the Ethereum platform which is useful.

Architecture: Architecture is useful for every platform. So, learn about Architecture in Blockchain.

Supply chain Problem Set: Learn how to solve supply chain problem set.

Layering blockchain: Get knowledge on layering blockchain.

Legacy integration: Learn how to integrate with other applications.

Apart from these, you’ll also learn advanced & Challenging topics to help you shine in your career.

Who can Attend Blockchain Online Courses:

  • Freshers can enroll in this course to become a Blockchain Developer.
  • If you have some knowledge of Blockchain means you can join in this course to improve your skills.

Course Curriculum

Blockchain and Bitcoin fundamentals
What is blockchain 00:00:00
What is Bitcoin 00:00:00
Why the Blockchain
How do we represent values 00:00:00
The internet of values 00:00:00
Blockchain use cases 00:00:00
What is the Blockchain (and what it’s not)
Three layer model 00:00:00
Blockchain design goals 00:00:00
Blockchain implementations 00:00:00
Blockchain key components 00:00:00
Key Characteristics how Blockchain Operates
Type of blockchain you can work with 00:00:00
What is Ethereum Blockchain 00:00:00
What is Bitcoin
How it works 00:00:00
Role of Bitcoin Miners 00:00:00
Hash Function
Block hash 00:00:00
Cryptographic hashing 00:00:00
How block hashes works in Bitcoin 00:00:00
Bitcoin in details
Key concepts of Bitcoin 00:00:00
Birth of Bitcoin 00:00:00
Bitcoin pricing 00:00:00
Future of Bitcoin Mining 00:00:00
Important dates in Bitcoin History 00:00:00
Value of Blockchain
Cryptography 00:00:00
Digital Tokens 00:00:00
Birth of Smart Contracts 00:00:00
Birth of Smart Contracts 00:00:00
DAO and DAC 00:00:00
Limitation and Common Misconceptions
Limitations and Misconceptions about Blockchain/Bitcoin 00:00:00
Bitcoin Mining
Demo 00:00:00
Setting up private blockchain using MultiChain on EVM
What is Multichain 00:00:00
How to create Blockchain 00:00:00
Connecting to Blockchain 00:00:00
Commands 00:00:00
Using native and transaction metadata 00:00:00
Enabling Mining 00:00:00
How Smart Contracts Operate
Smart Contract in details 00:00:00
Example of cryptocurrency contract code 00:00:00
Pros and cons 00:00:00
Difference between accounts and contract 00:00:00
Installing the Development Environment
Truffle installation update 00:00:00
Windows Development Environment 00:00:00
Setting private network instance 00:00:00
Setting Mist 00:00:00
Setting up MetaMask 00:00:00
Dive into working with Ethereum
Mist and how it works 00:00:00
Mist,DApps, Accounts work 00:00:00
Configure, run and work with Go Ethereum client 00:00:00
Compile, Deploy and Initiate contracts 00:00:00
My First Smart Contract
Use nodeJS, web3, solc to compile and deploy contract 00:00:00
Truffle to deploy and interact with greetings 00:00:00
Transaction and blocks 00:00:00
Understanding gas 00:00:00
Sending ether between accounts 00:00:00
Getting Started With Hyperledger Fabric
Brief Background and Introduction 00:00:00
Brief history of Hyperledger project 00:00:00
What is Hyperledger fabric 00:00:00
Pre-Requisites for Fabric Development
Development Machine and IDE 00:00:00
Composer Dev Tools Installation 00:00:00
Setup Fabric Development on windows 00:00:00
Fabric Concept and Technology 00:00:00



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