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Apple phones and computers are widely used by individuals and enterprises globally. Business owners and companies are investing largely in creating their own application in IOS to reach their customers. This has created an huge demand for iOS application developers across industries.

Hope Tutors provides realtime IOS app developer training with experienced trainers. Our placement assured IOS developer training is focused on setting our career path in app development. We provide online IOS developer training also.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder
Mac versions –Features 00:00:00
OS versions -Features 00:00:00
Introduction to Xcode tool and Compilers 00:00:00
Creating Objective C classes and Methods 00:00:00
OOPS Concepts 00:00:00
Arrays,Set,Dictionaries 00:00:00
Application Lifecycle 00:00:00
Creating and building simple applications 00:00:00
Cocoa Design Patterns
What is MVC ? 00:00:00
Model ,View and Controller Classes 00:00:00
Cocoa Touch Architecture 00:00:00
The View Hierarchy 00:00:00
StoryBoard & UIElements
What is StoryBoard? 00:00:00
Create New StoryBoard 00:00:00
Adding Scenes 00:00:00
Segues 00:00:00
Create UI Elements 00:00:00
Handling Basic Interaction 00:00:00
Navigation Based Applications
Adding the Root View Controller 00:00:00
Creating the Navigation Controller 00:00:00
Controlling the Stack Navigation Programmatically 00:00:00
Table Views
Populating a Table View with Data 00:00:00
Static and Dynamic Table Views 00:00:00
Delegates and DataSources 00:00:00
Table View Styles 00:00:00
Custom Cells 00:00:00
UICollectionView 00:00:00
Networking and Sharing.
Reachability 00:00:00
Synchronous Downloads 00:00:00
Asynchronous Downloads 00:00:00
Handling Timeouts 00:00:00
Sending HTTP GET and POST Requests 00:00:00
Parsing JSON & XML 00:00:00
Files and Folder Management.
Finding the Paths of the Most Useful Folders on Disk 00:00:00
Writing to and Reading from Files 00:00:00
Creating Folders on Disk 00:00:00
Enumerating Files and Folders 00:00:00
Deleting Files and Folders 00:00:00
Saving Objects to Files 00:00:00
Concurrency and Multitasking
Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) 00:00:00
Serial and Concurrent Queues 00:00:00
Main Dispatch Queue 00:00:00
Completion Blocks 00:00:00
Operation Queues 00:00:00
Core Location Framework
Location Accuracy 00:00:00
Obtaining Location Information 00:00:00
Calculating Distances 00:00:00
MapKit Framework and MKMapView 00:00:00
Sending Notifications 00:00:00
Listening for and Reacting to Notifications 00:00:00
Listening and Reacting to Keyboard Notifications 00:00:00
Scheduling Local Notifications 00:00:00
Listening for and Reacting to Local Notifications 00:00:00
Handling Local System Notifications 00:00:00
Setting Up Your App for Push Notifications 00:00:00
Delivering Push Notifications to Your App 00:00:00
Reacting to Push Notifications 00:00:00
Core Data
Performing Batch Updates on Core Data 00:00:00
Writing to Core Data 00:00:00
Reading Data from Core Data 00:00:00
Deleting Data from Core Data 00:00:00
Sorting Data in Core Data 00:00:00
Boosting Data Access in Table Views 00:00:00
Implementing Relationships in Core Data 00:00:00
Fetching Data in the Background 00:00:00
Using Custom Data Types in Your Core Data Model 00:00:00
Camera and the Photo Library
Detecting and Probing the Camera 00:00:00
Taking Photos with the Camera Taking Photos with the Camera 00:00:00
Taking Videos with the Camera 00:00:00
Storing Photos in the Photo Library 00:00:00
Storing Videos in the Photo Library 00:00:00
Searching for and Retrieving Images and Videos 00:00:00
Reacting to Changes in Images and Videos 00:00:00
Editing Images and Videos Right on the Device 00:00:00
Objective-C for Experienced Programmers
Classes, Objects, and Methods 00:00:00
Declared Properties 00:00:00
Memory Management 00:00:00
Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) o Categories and Extensions 00:00:00
Formal and Informal Protocols o Blocks 00:00:00
Singleton Pattern 00:00:00
Build Settings & Multiple Target 00:00:00
Localization Strings 00:00:00
Final Project Needs
How to create Target 00:00:00
How Add Library & Framework third party 00:00:00
How to generate spa file 00:00:00
Generate Certificate From Apple Account 00:00:00
App Submission Process 00:00:00
Refernces Sites & Books Apps 00:00:00

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    veera ragavan
    veera ragavan
    10:19 16 Aug 17
    I can learn many things on this tutorial. I have a good teacher on this tutorial. Good to teach and interviews training well good tutorial. I am sure this is better than ever
    Parthiban Gandhi
    Parthiban Gandhi
    06:14 15 Sep 17
    Apt place for your BP training. More hands on experience which helps you to learn quickly and you make mistakes for good and learn from it. the trainer is well experienced and ready to help and clarify. thanks.
    Darwin C
    Darwin C
    01:47 11 Sep 17
    In my opinion this institute is marvellous place to study with there so supportive staff faculty who boost every student to give there own best by being a friend of every student . Infrastructure might be ok. But overall its amazing place for our development of skills and preparing ourselves for future
    sabari sab
    sabari sab
    06:57 28 Jul 17
    Everything is good.I have learned the blue prism from the scratch. Trainer is having good experience in blue prism.He is very calm in explaining the concepts.I have automated applications in training itself. I am fresher and Initially i am having some fear to learn blue prism.Now i am going to work in this Blue prism in my company.
    guru prasath
    guru prasath
    03:50 04 Sep 17
    Good place to learn the basics of blue prism, tutor was kind enough to clear the queries regarding subjects. Could have been better if more practical sessions are available to practice as they have only few machines with blue prism.
    Anne Fernando
    Anne Fernando
    06:09 10 Oct 17
    I attended Angular training at Hope Tutors. The ambience is apt for studying, a calm environment. Our trainer was Arun Sir, he was very clear in communicating all the basic concepts for a strong foundation and cleared all doubts patiently. The course was completed within the stipulated time as promised in the beginning. The administrators were friendly and receptive, prompt action for any request/queries. Overall, it was a good experience to get trained there. I recommend Hope Tutors to anyone wanting to study Angular.
    samuel chandran
    samuel chandran
    10:51 11 Oct 17
    I was looking out for institutions to learn java and aws, many Institute names came up when I Google. I attended few demo classes from other institutions but when I came to hope tutors the faculty understood my situation correctly and advised me what to do exactly to improve my career. Coming to important aspect of hope tutors is the flexibility, the staffs are so understanding that they arrange class the time I'm flexible. The another interesting factor is the teaching I had one on one teaching for java it was incredibly useful. I had good time learning java and aws through hope tutors.. Highly recommend those who want to learn new technologies.
    Ram Prasath
    Ram Prasath
    02:41 16 Nov 17
    I Learned MVC Training from hope tutors. One of the best training institute. Other training institute more than 10k in price. Here affortable price and minimum cost. Realtime example,daily tasks,clear the all doubts. After i completed course good knowledge is helpful for my future. Thanks for Mr.Murali sir and help to improve my knowledge. Thanks for Hope Tutors.
    anantha Krishnan
    anantha Krishnan
    03:52 10 Oct 17
    I had completed my Dotnet Training here, Probably one of the best training institute in Chennai. They are providing excellent coaching, best and friendly trainers of their respective field. Realtime examples and Practical classes, Great place for freshers and professionals to learn new technologies. Course fee will be the lowest among other training institutes around Chennai.
    Vijay Krishna Nagayya
    Vijay Krishna Nagayya
    05:49 07 Oct 17
    I had done my AWS solution architect course. Experienced tutors were taking classes with real-time examples. The course was very much useful in my career growth. Thanks for hope tutors..
    Shyam Dangi
    Shyam Dangi
    11:29 06 Dec 17
    I attended Blue Prism training from Hope Tutors last month. I am really satisfied with the training and knowledge shared by trainer. Time allocated was also sufficient. I tank to Hope Tutor and the trainer for the same
    Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar
    14:56 30 Nov 17
    In good environment with kind and knowledgable people around you could learn anything.. that would be HOPE TUTORS. The place where you can explore yourself and gain deep knowledge. I studied AWS in HOPE, the response from the day one till I complete my course was awesome. The institute provided me on-hands experience for the course. It would be better if the institute focuses more on real time training than the theoretical basis. Especially Murali, thanks for your kind support in all situations.
    Navinroshan RamarajutotaSai
    Navinroshan RamarajutotaSai
    00:58 11 Dec 17
    I studied Mvc here and the trainer Mr.Murali gave us practical sessions right from the beginning which helped us getting hands on experience. People here are very friendly and a nice place to learn/update your programming skills.
    ec 1005631029
    ec 1005631029
    08:38 26 Nov 17
    The tutor who taught us was an experienced professional ,he taught well with appropriate examples and practical sessions. The environment was good . They gave us the software also. But still there is scope of improvement in the management and coordination.
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