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PMP course in Chennai by Hope Tutors coordinate the latest PMP certified course. The course design assures you simplicity. So that, even the newbie can understand the complete concept of PMP. We will train you in new trends, emerging practices & tailoring discussion.

Also, we will concentrate on strategic and business knowledge. The course covers all topics in exam point of view. We conduct a new section on the role of the project manager.

Why you should take the PMP Course in Chennai with us?

Self-Paced Learning Videos

We provide the complete PMP course material. We will also provide the Classroom recorded videos for PMP course. It will coordinate all topics so you can easily understand the concepts. You can also refer the videos as well as material. We also provide you the access to Queries forum. It will help you to resolve your issues on the Lessons.

Live Session with Experts

We provide Live Sessions with project managers in field. These mangers are experts. They have in-depth knowledge and experience. You can get real challenges in project management. You will get new ideas how to handle and solve the challenges.

Flexible Timings

We provide you the great advantage. When comparing to other institutes, we provide both offline and Online Classes. You can choose as per convenient of your own. We can arrange a free PMP Course Demo Session too.

Advanced Course Syllabus

Our PMP trainers have trained thousands of students in PMP. We trained them for both Working expert as well as corporate clients. Training Method is dividing into the multiple modules. They are designed to prepare students for PMP Course and getting them job ready.

PMP Certification Assistance

The best way to crack the course is learning the hand-on-experience. We offer the PMP projects. We also offer PMP Certification Dumps. This is totally free of cost. This will help you to Crack the Exam and get certified.

What is PMP Certifications?

In simple words, PMP is the short form of Project Management Professional. The Project Management Institute (PMI) provide you this Certification. This is an industry-recognized docket for you as a project manager. This course will provide more about the project manager’s experience and knowledge. It will also make out you about the skills as well as competencies. These are required for you in order to lead as well as to direct the projects.

PMP Certifications – Brief Overview

The PMP training course is mainly design for you to get pass in the PMP exam. This will help you to get clear in the first try. We will help you to understand the workings of the five process groups. We also help you in understanding 10 knowledge areas. It will define the PMBOK Guide—Sixth Edition. We guarantee you in all the preparation and conquer the exam. You can easily earn the PMP certification.

What skills will you learn?

Following are the modern project management tools. They are,

    1. Work breakdown structure.
    2. Resource allocation.
    3. Gantt charts.
    4. Mathematical project scheduling models.
    5. Project cost estimating.
    6. Cost management.
    7. Engineering economics.
    8. Developing a broad as well as flexible toolkit of techniques. Adapting your approach to the context as well as constraints of projects.

Delivering projects on the following criteria. They are,

      1. On scope.
      2. On time.
      3. On budget.

Following are the requirement needed for handling the project. They are

      1. Cultivating the people skills.
      2. Trust.
      3. Leadership necessary.

Earn the required 35 PDUs to take the PMP Certification exam.

Who should take this course?

The PMP certification is an essential for the professional. Who requires for the post of the senior project manager role. The course is best options for the following members. They are,

  • Software Developers.
  • Team Leads/Team Managers.
  • Project Executives/Project Engineers.
  • Associate/Assistant Project Managers.
  • Project Managers.
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager.

What types of projects are completed by you during this course?

This course has 6 projects which are industry- based. It will cover various concepts and scenarios. Topics covered will include the following.

  • Scope Management.
  • Schedule as well as Cost Management.
  • Risk assessment as well as Procurement Management.
  • Plan Quality Management.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Agile Techniques.

PMP Salary Trends

You may wonder why to get a PMP certification. You should know that PMP holders enjoy a dramatic and steep hike in salary. Once, they have attained the PMP certification on average, they will earn 17% more.

In general, there will be 10-20% salary difference. In case if you don’t have this certificate.

Project Manager is one of the highest paid positions. Salary trends for PM in different sectors are in below table.

HEALTH CARE$80,000-$86,000
TRAVEL SERVICE$83,000-$90,000

PMP Passing Score

In the past, PMI had published 61% of 200 questions as the passing score. But now, PMI does not disclose the exact passing score or percentage anymore. After the PMP Certification Exam update, passing score is different. It may differ for each candidate. This will base on difficulty level of question the candidate attended.

PMP Exam Attempt

The PMI allows a candidate to attempt the exam up to 3 times in one year. Training programs will help you in gaining knowledge. It will also help you in preparing and getting pass in the exam.

PMP Exam Time duration for getting the certificate

Once you get pass in the exam, you need to wait for 4-6 weeks. This time will take to get the certificate.

Course Curriculum

PMP Requirements 00:00:00
Maintaining Certification 00:00:00
Exam-Taking Tips 00:00:00
Exam Questions 00:00:00
Project Management Concepts
PM Definitions 00:00:00
Code of Ethics and Professional 00:00:00
Organizational Structure 00:00:00
Project Life Cycle and the Project Management Process Groups 00:00:00
Responsibility 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
PM Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
PM Process Groups 00:00:00
PM Knowledge Areas 00:00:00
Project Integration Management
Overview of Project Integration Management 00:00:00
Develop Project Charter 00:00:00
Develop Project Management Plan 00:00:00
Perform Integrated Change Control 00:00:00
Monitor and Control Project Work 00:00:00
Direct and Manage Project Work 00:00:00
Close Project or Phase 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Scope Management
Overview of Project Scope Management 00:00:00
Plan Scope Management 00:00:00
Collect Requirements 00:00:00
Define Scope 00:00:00
Create WBS 00:00:00
Validate Scope 00:00:00
Control Scope 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Schedule Management
Overview of Project Time Management 00:00:00
Plan Schedule Management 00:00:00
Define Activities 00:00:00
Sequence Activities 00:00:00
Estimate Activity Resources 00:00:00
Estimate Activity Duration 00:00:00
Develop Schedule 00:00:00
Control Schedule 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Cost Management
Overview of Project Cost Management 00:00:00
Plan Cost Management 00:00:00
Estimate Costs 00:00:00
Determine Budget 00:00:00
Control Costs 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Quality Management
Overview of Project Quality Management 00:00:00
Plan Quality Management 00:00:00
Perform Quality Assurance 00:00:00
Control Quality 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Resource Management
Overview of Project Human Resource Management 00:00:00
Plan Human Resource Management 00:00:00
Acquire Project Team 00:00:00
Develop Project Team 00:00:00
Manage Project Team 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Communications Management
Overview of Project Communications Management 00:00:00
Plan Communications Management 00:00:00
Manage Communications 00:00:00
Control Communications 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Risk Management
Overview of Project Risk Management 00:00:00
Plan Risk Management 00:00:00
Identify Risks 00:00:00
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 00:00:00
Plan Risk Response 00:00:00
Control Risks 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Procurement Management
Overview of Project Procurement Management 00:00:00
Plan Procurement Management 00:00:00
Conduct Procurements 00:00:00
Control Procurements 00:00:00
Close Procurements 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Project Stakeholder Management
Overview of Stakeholder Management 00:00:00
Identify Stakeholders 00:00:00
Plan Stakeholder Management 00:00:00
Manage Stakeholder Engagement 00:00:00
Control Stakeholder Engagement 00:00:00
Practice Exercises 00:00:00
Practice Test 00:00:00
Review & Final Evaluation Test
Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters 00:00:00
Final Test Questions 00:00:00
End of Course Questions/Next Steps 00:00:00
PMI Application Assistance 00:00:00



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