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Hope Tutors offers the best Power BI Course in Chennai. We provide this course with the advanced course module. We design this course in such a way which fit the people who are willing to learn. Even they don’t have any prerequisite knowledge on the Micro-services.

We design this course for your successful carrier. We will teach you the fundamental skills of Power BI Course. We will train you in new trends, Practices as well as in all aspects. Also, we will concentrate on training you with industrial expectation. The course covers all topics in exam point of view.

Hope Tutors provides the best Training in Chennai at affordable fees. We designed the course module as that you can learn. We will make you master in the concepts of Power BI Course.

What is mean by Power BI?

Power BI supervises the quality of your business. This will help you in a cloud-based business analytics service. This service will offer you a single view of essential business data. It supports in health checkup through a live dashboard & mature interactive reports. This is possible with the help of Power BI Desktop. You can access the data easily with native Power BI mobile apps. It is very simple, fast as well as free.

You can apply Excel to streamline data and visualize in a chart. This is generally time-consuming because you must take all the data. The data are generally from several databases & apps. Power BI fixes this issue automatic. This will bring the data from all sources. This will be in the scope of a single central system. You can rapidly streamline data and form amazing charts to assist.

You can gain access to your data & charts from any place, time and device. Power BI will host on the cloud. You can even collaborate and share documents with colleagues in real time.

What is the Importance of Power BI Training?

Power BI assists the following. They are,

  • Business Analysts.
  • Statisticians and Analysts.
  • Business Intelligence Manager.
  • Data scientists to visualize.
  • Share insights from their company’s data.

Several top companies believe that analytics is important. This will help you in making decisions.

Every business enterprise & department requires in-depth business insights. Power BI gives you that power. So, you can conveniently deal with several sources of data. Transform it into a report, graph or data visualization. Whatever you want. You can gain real-time insights. You can implement it quickly when compared with any other BI tools. It is an open source. It is intuitive and doesn’t ask for technical knowledge or IT support.

Why Should We take this Power BI Online Training?

Following are few reasons that you should take this training. They are,

  • A live 360º view of your business.
  • Data discovery and exploration.
  • Fast and easy access to your data.
  • Insights from any device.
  • Collaboration across your organization.
  • Anyone to visualize and analyze data.
  • 70 % of leading MNC says analytics are smart in make decisions.

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. It provides the interactive visuals. This is possible with the self-service business intelligence capacity. This is also possible where end users can create reports & dashboards by themselves. You can achieve this without depending on any IT staff or DB admin.

Power BI will provide the cloud-based BI services. In simple term it is the Services with a desktop-based interface. You can call this as the Power BI Desktop. It offers the Data modeling capacity. It will include the following.

  • Data preparation.
  • Data discovery.
  • Interactive dashboards.

Salient Features of Power BI

Following are the salient features of the Power BI. They are,

  • Analyze: Power BI is used to a business analytics service. It is present as Desktop and Cloud-based solutions.
  • Visualize: Let’s anyone to visualize and evaluate data. It will achieve with the amazing speed and efficiency.
  • Aggregate: Power BI provides an excellent way of aggregating data from several sources.
  • Share: Provides easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports & appealing visual. Power BI provides easy way of sharing.

Relation Between Power BI, Power Pivot & Power Query

There is a correlation between the Power Query and Power Pivot. Power Query is the suggested experience for the following reasons. They are,

  • To Associate.
  • Importing data.

For modeling the data, you have imported, Power Pivot is suitable. You can apply both to fine-tune your data in Excel. So, you can explore and visualize it with the following.

  • Power Map.
  • Power View.
  • Pivot Charts.

You can apply for Power BI in order to create cloud-based BI reports.

Power Query

It is one of the Excel Add-Ins. It will provide as part of Microsoft Power BI self-service solution. You can apply for data discovery. Reshaping and joining the data from various sources. It will consist of an intuitive and engaging user interface. It will Support query on new data sources. This will include Facebook. It will do the data cleansing functions.

Power Pivot

It is a free add-in present in Excel 2010. It will be in Office Professional Pro Plus versions. This will have the means to handle the huge amount of data in Excel. This will have the means to add any formulae to pivot. It is excellently adjusting. This will have a way to transform workbooks into self-maintaining web apps. It is a highly affordable & agile approach to Business Intelligence.

Why should you use Power BI with MS-SQL?

MS-SQL complements Power BI and Power Pivots. It is better than any other DB. Let us consider with the business situations. Whenever it exceeds the capacity of Power Pivots & Power BI. Then the data shaping will perform as DB.

This performance is amazing. This is because of its innate capacity. This has the capacity of performing cross & row-wise business calculations.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Power BI tool?

Following are the benefits of the Microsoft Power BI tool. They are,

  • Power BI integrates in a convenient manner. This is possible with your existing business environment. Letting you embrace analytics and reporting capacity.
  • The highlight of Power BI is the information dashboards. That can be personalized to satisfy the exact requirement. This requirement is applicable to any company. You can conveniently let the dashboards & BI reports in the apps. This will offer a great user experience.
  • Power BI lets you launch automatic data refresh and publish reports. This will help you in making all to get the benefit of the latest details.
  • You can shift an available BI system to a powerful cloud environment. This is possible by Power BI embedded. It will achieve by removing memory and speed problems.
  • Power BI offers agile inquiry and decision. This is without the necessity for expert technical support. It supports a dynamic natural language interface. The usage of intuitive graphical designer tools.
  • It lets you transform your industry data into rich visuals. It will help you to make business intelligence feasible. This will be for enhanced decision-making.
  • The in-memory decision & DAX scripting language are great instances. This will co-ordinate between simplicity and performance.
  • Microsoft Power BI tool can integrate with other tools. This is very easy. This is possible with advanced cloud services. It will include the Cortana or the Bot framework.
  • It offers interactive visuals with self-service business intelligence. The end user can build reports and dashboards by themselves. They needn’t have to rely on any other details. This is from technology experts or database admin.

Skills you gain in Power BI course

Power BI Course will help you to become a Power BI expert. It will enhance your skills by offering good knowledge on Power BI. This will provide you the required hands-on experience for solving the problems. The projects are real-time industry-based Power BI. During the Power BI course you will train by our experts. You will gain the following skills. They are,

  • Master concepts like Data Visualization and Integration.
  • Learn about Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map etc.
  • Understand DAX and SSBI.
  • Use and implement Custom Visuals.
  • Explore Power BI Q&A.
  • Perform Data Binding and Formatting.
  • Master Power BI Embedded and Workspace Collection.
  • Understand and use Data Gateways, Content packs, Power BI Report Server.

Who should take this course?

Power BI course is for one who is passionate about the following fields. They are,

  • Business intelligence.
  • Data Visualization.
  • Data analytics.

It will be best suited for the following.

  • Business Analysts.
  • Business Intelligence Manager.
  • Statisticians and Analysts.
  • Data Scientists.
  • Project Manager.

Top business intelligence software companies which use Power BI

Following are some of the companies which use Power BI. They are,

  • Sisense
  • Looker
  • Infragistics
  • Qlik
  • SAP
  • Tableau Software
  • SAS
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Infor
  • Domo
  • GoodData
  • iDashboards
  • Chartio
  • Attivio
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Yellowfin
  • Thoughtspot
  • Pentaho
  • ScrapeStorm

Salary Trends

Following is the salary trends in this field.

S:NODestinationAverage salarySalary range
1Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst$62,972$48k-$78k
2Data Analyst$58,425$42k-$81k
3Business Intelligence (BI) Developer$74,009$51k-$105k
4Business Intelligence Consultant$72,729$49k-$94k
5Business Analyst, IT$57,000$40k-$103k
6Business Intelligence Manager$104,705$85k-$139k
7Reporting Analyst$55,971$40k-$81k


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