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Do you want to become a Splunk specialist within a short time? But don’t know where to learn & master Splunk within a short period. Hope Tutors has got you covered with the exciting online training course. Learn how to master Splunk and solve your frustrating questions by enrolling into Hope Tutors Splunk online Training course.

By enrolling into this course, you’ll develop a strong understanding of Splunk software. Learn how to analyze and how to research with Splunk software in this ideal course.

About Hope Tutors Splunk Online Training Course

Splunk is one of the simplified interfaces for search & Reporting applications. Most of the business often use Splunk software to run their searches, save reports and create other dashboards. So, there is enormous demand for Splunk Software engineers or specialists. That’s why Hope Tutors experts have carefully designed this course to teach all the unknown techniques for users.

In Hope Tutors Splunk online training course you will learn how to use Splunk platform effectively. Along with that, you’ll learn about the difference between Splunk software cloud versions and more.

Career Options

Hundreds of companies presently use Splunk. So, there is always a scope for Splunk specialists to get a high paying job. Splunk is mainly useful for companies to do their search & reporting tasks. This plays a significant role in any businesses. So, you’ll never run out of options in Splunk.

So, learn to master Splunk Software and become career ready within no time. Enroll in Hope Tutors Splunk training program to achieve greater heights in your career.

What are objectives of Hope Tutors Splunk Online Training?

The main objectives of Hope Tutors Splunk Online Training.

  • Learn How to find anything by using Splunk search app
  • Enriching events with lookups by using Splunk Software.
  • Create powerful reports and charts by using Splunk
  • Create data-driven dashboards to get clear insights
  • Get in-depth knowledge on every aspect of Splunk.

What you will learn from our Splunk Online Training

Learn to use Splunk software to analyze machine data. Hope Tutors Splunk Online Training program helps you to analyze all the machine data which came from sensors, web applications, & devices. You’ll learn how to use this Splunk software and how to add data to your Splunk deployment with ease in this course.

  • Introduction: Learn the basics of Splunk Software and different types of software models.
  • Splunk Interface: Learn about the interface of the Splunk Software to get a clear vision.
  • Splunk Data ingestion: Data Ingestions are useful in Splunk because they help to Add Data Features in Search and reporting apps.
  • Splunk Source Types: Learn about supported source types to get an idea on how to add data features and so on.
  • Basic Searching: Find out how to search for anything with robust search functionality in Splunk.
  • Field Searching: Learn about filed searching elements in Hope Tutors Splunk Tutorials.
  • Time Range Search: learn how to find out information based on time range search.
  • Sharing & Exporting: Sharing and Exporting are always useful for any software. So, learn about those in this class.
  • Search Language: Find out the Splunk search processing language SPL and its commands.
  • Splunk Search Optimization: Learn about Splunk search optimization and its clauses
  • Splunk Transforming commands: Get an in-depth knowledge on transforming commands which are useful in Splunk Journey.
  • Splunk Reports: Learn how to take search reports & how to create search reports in this class.
  • Splunk search macros: Learn the complex concept of Splunk Macros in this course.
  • Overlay chart: Learn how to create an overlay chart and other basic charts in Splunk.

Along with these, you’ll learn about the other typical topics like managing indexes, calculated fields, tags, apps, removing data, custom chart, Sort commands, stop commands and so on.

Who can Attend Splunk Online Courses

  • Freshers can take up Hope Tutors Splunk Online Training Course.
  • If you have some knowledge of Splunk, then you can enhance your skills by enrolling in this course.


Splunk Interview Questions and Answers

Top 25 Splunk Interview Questions and Answers

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Splunk Fundamentals
Introduction to Splunk interface 00:00:00
Splunk installation 00:00:00
Splunk Components and architecture (Forwarder, indexer, heavy forwarder, deployment server, deployer and search heads) 00:00:00
Splunk deployments 00:00:00
Splunk features and Licensing option 00:00:00
Basic searching 00:00:00
Using fields searches 00:00:00
Lab session 00:00:00
Module 2 - Explore Splunk interface
Search fundamentals 00:00:00
Transforming commands 00:00:00
Creating reports and dashboards 00:00:00
Building dashboards – creating and using lookups 00:00:00
Scheduling reports and alerts 00:00:00
Lab session 00:00:00
Module 3 - Splunk knowledge objects
Transforming commands and visualization 00:00:00
Filtering and formatting results 00:00:00
Correlating events 00:00:00
Knowledge objects 00:00:00
Fields (Field aliases and field extractions) 00:00:00
Macros 00:00:00
Lab session 00:00:00
Module 4 – Advanced searching and System administration
Searching TSIDX files 00:00:00
Splunk Deployment Overview 00:00:00
License Management 00:00:00
Splunk Apps and add-on 00:00:00
User roles and responsibilities 00:00:00
Splunk Configuration Files 00:00:00
Splunk Indexes – data ageing 00:00:00
Configuring Basic Forwarding 00:00:00
Distributed search 00:00:00
Managing configuration files (. conf) 00:00:00
Module 5 – Data administration
Install & configure Splunk universal forwarder 00:00:00
Install & configure Splunk universal forwarder 00:00:00
Forwarder management 00:00:00
Monitor inputs 00:00:00
Creating Splunk diag 00:00:00
Module 6 – Clustering techniques
Configure search head clustering 00:00:00
Deployer server configuration 00:00:00
How to push apps in cluster environment 00:00:00
Module 7- Splunk Troubleshooting


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