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ashiCrop is an open-source based software company, based in San Francisco, California. The Company provides commercial as well as open-source product tools that enable the developer, operators and security professionals to provide, run and connect distributed application infrastructure.

Terraform Course in Chennai

Terraform is one of the products from HashiCrop, and this is an open-source product, and it allows the user in high-level configuration language to define a data center infrastructure. Moreover, it will produce associate execution attempt to build the infrastructure admire the OpenStack or during a service, supplier admires IBM Cloud (formerly Bluemix), AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Infrastructure is outlined in an HCL Terraform syntax or JSON format.

Why Terraform?

  • Terraform is “Declarative” not “Procedural/Imperative:
  • Terraform has Multi-Provider Support:
  • Terraform is not an “Automation tool”, it is an “Orchestration tool”:
  • Terraform follows Client Only Architecture, not Client/Server Architecture:

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Terraform
Introduction Terraform installation 00:00:00
Terraform Installation (on Windows) Terraform installation using Vagrant 00:00:00
Terraform Basics
First steps in terraform – AWS Setup First 00:00:00
steps in terraform – Spinning up an instance 00:00:00
First steps in terraform – summary 00:00:00
Terraform Basics
Variables Demo: variables 00:00:00
Software provisioning Demo: Windows Server Provisioning 00:00:00
Outputting attributes Demo: Outputting Attributes Remote 00:00:00
state Demo: Remote state Data 00:00:00
Sources Demo: Data Sources Templates Other Providers 00:00:00
Modules Demo: An external Module Terraform Commands 00:00:00
Overview Demo: Terraform Commands 00:00:00
Terraform with AWS
Introduction to VPCs 00:00:00
Introduction to VPCs – Part II 00:00:00
Introduction to terraform – Part III 00:00:00
Demo: VPCs and NAT Launching EC2 instances in the VPC 00:00:00
Demo: VPCs and NAT Launching EC2 instances in the VPC 00:00:00
EBS Volumes Demo: EBS volumes 00:00:00
Userdata Demo: Userdata Static IPs, EIPs, and Route53 Demo: Route53 RDS 00:00:00
Demo: RDS IAM Demo: IAM users and groups IAM Roles Demo: IAM Roles 00:00:00
Autoscaling Demo: Autoscaling Introduction to Elastic Load Balancers 00:00:00
(ELB) ELBs in terraform Demo: ELB with autoscaling Application Load Balancer 00:00:00
(ALB) Elastic Beanstalk Demo: Elastic Beanstalk 00:00:00
Advanced Terraform Usage
Introduction to Interpolation 00:00:00
Conditionals Demo: Interpolation and Conditionals Built-in 00:00:00
Functions Demo: Built-in Functions Terraform Project 00:00:00
Structure Demo: Project Structure in Terraform 00:00:00
Docker on AWS using ECS and ECR
Introduction to Docker Docker on AWS 00:00:00
Building Docker images Demo: Build NodeJS app and push to ECR ECS – Part I ECS – Part II Demo: Running a NodeJS app on ECS Demo: Terraform with Jenkins, ECR and ECS 00:00:00
Module Development
Introduction to Module 00:00:00
Development ECS + ALB Module 00:00:00
Overview Demo: ECS + ALB Module (part I) Demo: ECS + ALB Module (Part II) Demo: ECS + ALB Module (Part III) 00:00:00
AWS EKS (Hosted Kubernates)
Introduction to AWS 00:00:00
EKS Demo: AWS EKS 00:00:00



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