Unity 3D Developer Course

Hope Tutors offers the best Unity 3D Developer Course in Chennai. We provide this course with the advanced course module. We design this course in such a way which fit the people who are willing to learn. Even they don’t have any prerequisite knowledge on the 3D Development.

We design this course for your successful carrier. We will teach you the fundamental skills for developing 3D gaming. We will train you in new trends, Practices as well as in all aspects. Also, we will concentrate in training you with industrial expectation. The course covers all topics in exam point of view.

Why you should take the Unity 3D Developer course in Chennai with us?

Self-Paced Learning Videos

We provide a complete 3D Development course material. We will also provide the Classroom recorded videos for the course. It will coordinate all topics so you can easily understand the concepts. You can also refer the videos as well as material. We also provide you the access to Queries forum. It will help you to resolve your issues on the Lessons.

Flexible Timings

We provide you the great advantage. When comparing to other institutes, we provide both offline and Online Classes. You can choose as per convenient of your own. We can arrange a free 3D development Course Demo Session too.

Advanced Course Syllabus

Our trainers have trained thousands of students in 3D Development. We trained them for both Working expert as well as corporate clients. Training Method is dividing into the multiple modules. They are designed to prepare students for 3D Development Course. You will also get your job ready.

3D Development Course Assistance

The best way to crack the course is learning the hand-on-experience. We offer 3D Development projects. We also offer 3D development Dumps. This is totally free of cost. This will help you to Crack the Exam and get your course completed. You will also learn basics of 3d tools like Max and Maya. The assessments will help you to validate your skills.

3D Development Project and Teamwork

We Will form a small team. Then we will assign a small gaming project for each team. You must develop the gaming model. This session will develop technical skills. As well as you can develop how to coordinate the team and team spirit.

Brief Introduction to 3D Development Course

Creating a game can be an alarm. We design the course in such a way to provide a complete course with all core skills. This will help you in order to develop a Unity game. You will get complete knowledge in scripting and animating objects. You will also get complete knowledge in adding lighting.

Many of the developers depends on imported third-party assets. We guide you how to use the digital content creation tools. Tools like Maya and Photoshop will provide you amazing art. This will add great visual treat to the game which you create.

Unity Game Development Courses covers plenty of information. You can learn from the basics to more advanced techniques. This will be more fun and engaging. Especially this course will cover the solid fundamentals.

This course will cover from the user interface to animation. This is possible with the help of coding. After you complete this course, you can start your carrier in the industry. You may also start your own projects in the world of game development.

The course will give you a complete introduction to Unity 3D. We will make you strong in all the fundamental. We will train you to develop the game using Unity 3Ds. This is the most powerful game engine.

Kick-start your Creativity

We will provide a 3D virtual simulator for practice. You will get practical experience in game asset creation. You will create different levels of gaming. Using simulations, you can develop c# scripting skills. You will play with menu creation and linking different scenes.

What skills will you learn?

At the end of the training, participants will have the following skill. They are,

  • Learn about Art skills.
  • Learn about Design Skills and Programming Skills.
  • Gain strong knowledge on scripting as well as compiling games.
  • Learn the fundamentals of game development.
  • You will be very strong to coordinate the team.

Who should take this course?

This course is best suitable for interested gaming developers. The course will also be the best for C# developers and beginners. Especially for whom having more interest in developing the game. This course is for who want to prove them self in an amazing field of gaming.

Popular Companies in Gaming

Following are some of the famous companies in the field of gaming. They are,

  • Wipro Technologies.
  • Tech Mahindra.
  • ITC Infotech.
  • Unilever.
  • Maxgen Technologies.
  • PurpleTalk.
  • Gameloft.
  • Classteacher Learning System.
  • Digital Aptech.
  • Kompanions.
  • Sanda Wellbeing.
  • Mobzway Technologies.
  • Emilence.
  • Qneuro.
  • Grandtrine Entertainment.
  • Plastic Water Labs.
  • Zabuza Labs.
  • Dumadu Games.

Salary Trends

Here we have a look in salaries for 3D developer in a different way. We are going to see the salary range provided by different companies. The following table will show the list of companies and their salary range.

S.no Companies Salary Range (Approx)
1 Wipro Technologies. ₹479K – ₹524K
2 Tech Mahindra. ₹359K – ₹389K
3 ITC Infotech. ₹969K – ₹1,041K
4 Unilever. ₹17K – ₹19K
5 Maxgen Technologies. ₹15K – ₹17K
6 PurpleTalk. ₹26K – ₹28K
7 Gameloft. ₹24K – ₹26K
8 Classteacher Learning System. ₹472K – ₹513K
9 Digital Aptech. ₹31K – ₹34K
10 Kompanions. ₹488K – ₹528K
11 Sanda Wellbeing. ₹583K – ₹635K
12 Mobzway Technologies. ₹41K – ₹44K
13 Emilence. ₹20K – ₹22K
14 Qneuro. ₹21K – ₹23K
15 Grandtrine Entertainment. ₹382K – ₹419K
16 Plastic Water Labs. ₹29K – ₹31K
17 Zabuza Labs. ₹290K – ₹309K
18 Dumadu Games. ₹207K – ₹226K


Course Curriculum

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